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  1. MattsBurban

    DIY Flatbed Truck Camper Build

    We built a Flat bed Camper this spring/summer. Needed something that could sleep a family of 5 without having to convert beds every night and fit on a short box truck frame. Good luck finding anything to buy that wouldn't be a custom build and waaay to expensive. Tossed around the idea of...
  2. MattsBurban

    From Suburban to Expedition (and 25 years newer)

    Well the old Burban's engine packed it in, but she did get us home (barely) before throwing in the towel. The old girl needs some other work too so we opted to replace her while we decide what to do with her. (????Cummins????) Ended up bringing home an '04 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. It...
  3. MattsBurban

    ‘79 Suburban Canadian Prairies road trip

    The ingredients: 1979 Chev Suburban Me Wife 3 kids ages: 9, 7, 2 Dog. The plan: It was an “ish” plan..... Leave Alberta (just north of Calgary) Drive east. Come home eventually. En-route we came up with this insane idea to drive around small towns in Manitoba.... buy OLDEST boat we could see...