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    this thing REALLY gets my gears turning

    For the last month or so, I've been whispering to myself that I'm about ready for another project think of the possibilities.... ... .. ..realistically I need about two years to pay off my building addiction to date, buy ideas do ferment in my head
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    we might have a new player

    I hope I'm not the last to know about this company they're at the International New York Auto Show now
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    FOR SALE - Custom Camper Hoist System

    FOR SALE A CUSTOM DESIGNED, ENGINEERED, & BUILT CAMPER HOIST SYSTEM FOR LIFTING A CAMPER UP & OFF YOUR TRUCK, & STORE IT OVERHEAD. 2000 lb CAPACITY ASKING PRICE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 4000.00 LOCATION: Eugene Oregon This custom...
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    FOR SALE - Custom Rear Receiver Flip Down Step

    FOR SALE CUSTOM FLIP DOWN STEP This flip down step is a one of a kind custom design, in good pre-owned condition (that means used)! This makes it easy for you to step up into a rear door camper, or just up into the truck bed for loading & unloading. Easy to use and heavy duty. it fits right...
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    Another one to gloat at

    fishing around & found this do we know any more about these? here's the link...
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    building the Bullet XV

    I'm early in the construction of, what I initially though was going to be a pretty extreme 4x4 expedition vehicle, then I started looking around on these threads! what I'm designing & building will be primarily designed for domestic travel, (USA, Canada & Mexico), designed for the way my wife &...