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    Maranda Slide In / Just Cut a Hole in the Roof for a Vent

    Just got a used Maranda camper for my Tacoma. Before this, I had Northern Light and before that, a 4WC. This is a new, more simple and much lighter option for me @ 440 pounds. Plus, it doubles as more space for work without concern I'm going to damage or scratch something. Anyways, I needed...
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    Tork Lift tiedowns T2303 Tacoma. Front. $150. Used 1 year

    These came off my 2006 Tacoma. Check the tork lift site for additional details and fit. t2303. Good shape. Used for about 1 year. $150 + shipping from Grass Valley, CA.
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    FS - Northern Lite 6'10" Cabover - 1996 - Fits Tacoma - $8,500 Northern California

    FS - Northern Lite 6'10" Cabover - 1996 - Fits Tacoma - $8,500 Northern California SOLD! Hello, We are selling our 6'10" Northern Lite camper. Details: 100% Fiberglass Shell. Light and Durable! Condition: Very good, (interior and exterior have no issues) Weight: 1,050 (dry) Sleeps...
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    Rusty Frame Recall - not going as hoped / $5,000 additional cost

    I'm not looking to bash Toyota. My wife and I both drive Tacomas and are really happy. I'm a fan, but a buddy is going through a nightmare situation with his rusty frame and I think it is only fair that I share the story. Basically, he was approved for frame replacement, and now they want 5k...
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    130 amp alternator and Sure Power 1314 100a isolator - Bad or ?

    Hi - My Tacoma has a 130 amp alternator. I just picked up the Sure Power 1314 100a isolator. Will my alternator send 130 amps to the isolator or will it be lower by the time it gets to it?
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    Adding Aux Battery: Is this how to do it?

    Hi, Here's a diagram that I'm looking for comment on. The details are this: 2006 Tacoma w/ 130 amp alternator Wired with a Marinco 3 pin plug from 4WC 1996 Northern Lite Camper with 7 pin I want to add an aux battery and a separator. Questions: 1 - Do I need the Sure Power 200 amp...
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    Northern Lite: roof rack options?

    I just picked up a '96 6'10" Northern Lite to partner with my Tacoma. My search has turned up just 2 pics showing a NL with an after market rack. Anyone here have any knowledge of putting one on? Roof line is unique and the option doesn't exist from the factory outside of the cosmetic luggage...
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    1991 Ford E-250 Coachmen Camper - Excellent Condition / Nor Cal - $8,000 Enjoy the writeup! Its a good one.
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    Electric Connection Question: Marinco 3 pin - Battery Separator - battery - 7 pin

    Hi all, I just picked up a 1996 Northern Lite 6'10" Cabover. This replaces our Ford Coachmen van which replaced our Four Wheel Eagle Camper. Stoked to go back to a cab over and the mobility of a Tacoma. Details: Tacoma: has the female Marinco 3 pin already wired in the bed, from 4WC...
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    Best Shocks to eliminate body roll / hi top van

    1991 Ford Coachmen Van / E250 I was about to pick up some Bilsteins but found a few threads saying they are soft and more suited for off road. Anyone here upgraded from stock to Bilsteins and can comment on body roll impact? Or make a suggestion for another brand? Thanks.
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    FS- ARB Awning / 2500 - Brand New in Box - $150, Truckee CA - (SOLD)

    ((SOLD)) Brand new ARB 2500, (8 feet long). Never opened, still in the tube it shipped in. Bought it then sold camper. Won't work with new van. Pick up only. can't ship it. Located in Northern California in Truckee. $150 cash or trade for something for a 1991 Ford Coachmen van. details...
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    1991 Ford Camper Van / Excessive Sway above 60mph

    Hi everyone. I just sold my FWC and picked up a 1991 Ford Coachmen Camper Van. It's rear wheel drive, (sorry to ask a question here but I trust this group and have been a member for a long time. Please help me out). I'm hoping for some opinions on how to address the sway I experience at 60+...
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    FREE - Bilstein Shocks off a Tundra - Very good condition (SOLD)

    I have a pair of Bilstein shocks of a Tundra. 48510-AF140 Appear to be in great shape. Came off a friends Tundra. Free for pick up in Truckee, CA. No shipping. email me at:
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    A Few Pics from Baja

    Just got back from 8 days in Baja. Surf wasn't great, but paddling around the Sea of Cortez was excellent.
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    Recommended Budget Compressor / light use - ?

    Hello - I'm looking to add a portable, small compressor to my ride. I air down a few times a year when in Pismo and looking to buy one for a trip to Baja. Inflation speed is not an issue, but something faster than a bike pump would be great... If it makes a difference, I have a 2006 Tacoma...
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    FS - Bilstein / Toyota Tundra 05/06 Front Shocks $75 OBO, (Lake Tahoe, CA)

    Looks to be in very good shape. friend left them in my garage years ago then moved to NC. I believe they were take offs from his lifted Tundra. Model 48510-AF140 Should fit 05 and 06 Tundra. Maybe others???? $75 OBO. or best trade... Located in Truckee, CA. (Lake Tahoe area). I do take...
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    2005 Hawk and a 2009 Tundra? Fit Question

    I checked the FWC page so I know a 2005 Hawk would fit up to a 2006 Tundra. But: will a 2005 Hawk fit newer style, (2007+) Tundra? (without adding a spacer to the bed of the truck) There's a good deal on a Hawk close to me that might go fast. I called FWC too but got their voicemail...
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    New Skin for 2005 Eagle / Starting Point and Project

    I posted a question regarding a re-skin of my camper and was asked to post some starting point pics. I'm still looking into materials but wanted to share where I'm at, (which is basically the research phase). I also put on a new roof, the new 1 piece for FWC. I'll post up these pics if I...
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    New skin for a 2005 Eagle FWC / Question about material

    hello - I purchased a well used 2005 Eagle last December and have been doing a little work to it. My next project is re-skinning the outside. I've talked with both FWC and ATC about the materials needed. Right now, it looks like the prices would be: FWC: $600 ATC: $350 I'm familiar with...
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    FWC Eagle 2005 / Replacing Bedding Material + Ridge Issue

    Hello all - I recently picked up a well used 2005 Eagle. In order to improve comfort, I really need to replace the bedding material and was wondering if anyone has found a more suitable foam. The current material is very soft. Also, when I slide out the bed, there's a ridge between the top...