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  1. theron

    SOLD: 1995 F350 7.3L w/ Grandby camper & Alumline flat bed

    Hello hello! This truck is currently in Denver, Colorado. 1995 F350 4x4, extended cab, 7.3L turbo diesel w/ 1988 Grandby Pop up and Alumline flat bed Price: $33,000 A bit wild to post this for sale but it's time for a new adventure. My beloved 1995 *F350* 7.3L turbo diesel is looking for a...
  2. theron

    Delwood - my 1995 F250 build

    Hey y'all! Wanted to share and document the beginning of my new adventure mobile build, a 1995 F250 7.3L turbo diesel, and how it evolves over the next few years. For the past 4 years I've been traveling in a 1987 FJ60, I have a pretty long build thread over on ih8mud. I loved stomping around...
  3. theron

    James Baroud tent failure?

    I have a fairly long build thread over on ih8mud but my recent experience with James Baroud USA tents has been so disappointing I figured it was worth sharing over here My quick long term summary of my James Baroud roof top tent: it's a very risky buy + they have poor customer service and...