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  1. honda50r

    Wanted: Roof Top Tent (SouthEast)

    Looking for an RTT located somewhere in the Southeast. Willing to travel if within for a few hours (especially if you have quality mountain bike trails)
  2. honda50r

    WTB: 2nd Gen Tacoma - Ready to Buy

    Bank pre-approval in hand, ready to buy. $20,000ish and below Not picky about built or not built, just looking for a clean example. Only requirement is automatic. Willing to fly in and drive back. Bank pre-approval in hand, ready to buy. I am a recovering Land Rover addict looking for...
  3. honda50r

    Watned: RTT Southeast US

    Located in East Tennessee and willing to travel (As long as there is quality mountain biking nearby) Just recently picked up a solid camping trailer and looking to outfit with a Roof Top Tent. If anyone has one available or has a lead feel free to let me know. Also open to any DIY ideas Alex...
  4. honda50r

    Parting Out: Built Discovery (Roof Rack,Lift,Safari Gard,Snorkel,more)

    I have decided to part ways with my fully-built Land Rover Discovery. During ownership I have built the truck completely up to be off-roaded and the truck is very capable! The time has come to part the truck out as I have picked up other projects. As it sits, the truck is 100% together but won't...
  5. honda50r

    Parting Out two Discoverys-1998 50th Anniversary/1996 SE7/D2 Bits

    I am parting out two mostly complete Land Rover Discoverys. Truck number one is complete and is the 50th Anniversary Special Edition LSE Trim. This includes chrome bumpers, chrome door handles, special interior coloring, wood trim, and an upgraded sound system. Not to mention highly sought-after...