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    1997 Lexus LX450, FZJ80 (not locked) for sale in Idaho $8,500

    Sold Hi all, I'm selling something I didn't think I would ever sell so here's the story. I've been a LC guy for a long time. Friends with 40s (I always had an early Bronco), onto 60s, and then 80s. I bought this LX450 stock from a friend about 2.5 years ago and started building it up. I...
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    National Luna help?

    Here's the backstory... My buddy bought a fully awesome LX450 from another expo member here Oct. 2011 so we went to SLC to pick it up. Jan. 1, 2012 he was diagnosed with leukemia and battled that for the last 11 months and passed 11/28. During his trips back and forth to Seattle for a marrow...
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    FS: Garvin Wilderness Rack and tire mount $200 (Boise, Idaho)

    This rack is the 6" tall version and is 60"x60". I have the 4" 60x60 on my '97 LX450 and it works great and I can still use the sunroof. I think it originally came of a Disco. It's fairly universal but I think it's on Garvin's site as an FJ40 rack...
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    FS: (Idaho) FZJ-80 rear springs

    OME 860 "medium/heavy" 2.5" lift springs off a 97 LX450 with about 10k miles on them. Rubbing where the springs sat in the perches but really good shape other than that. $140 shipped west of the Mississippi or $150 east. Stock LX450 rear springs with about 170k on them. Willing to ship at...
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    Trade '00 Tacoma TRD and '78 Ford E250 Quadravan for FZJ80, Boise, ID

    Hi all, I'm pretty new around here but have owned a number of Mud style vehicles. '85 FJ60 stock and pretty, '72 Bronco, etc. I'm looking at swapping my two current vehicles for a locked '93-'96 FJ80. I'm hoping to find one that has a 2-6" lift, 150k on the clock or so, 33-35" tires, 3rd row...