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    59 CJ3B vintage expo. project.

    That windshield is interesting. For a time some Jeeps with that opening h were used as a platform for a recoiless rifle
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    Full sets of NA Gazetteers

    TOPO USA would be a lot cheaper and less bulky. Don’t know if it’s still sold new, but my old DVD based one works great.
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    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    The only thing mounted to the toll bar is the quick release bracket common to most extinguishers. If needed I just flip a lever and lift extinguisher from bracket to use. Fill gauge is visible when I open the tailgate. It’s out of the way.
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    Which Jeep Model & Why?

    2012 and up Jeep Rubicon.
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    On board air VS Portable compressor VS Powertank/CO2

    I’ve had great luck with the pricier Smittybilt compressor. Hooks to battery. About 3 min to go from 15 to 35 lb on a 35 x 12.50 tire. Gets hot after four tired, but really works. About $150.
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    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    Hose clamps to mount extinguisher on diagonal roll cage bar at rear of Jeep works best for my 5 lb extinguisher. Out of the way but easy to get to
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    Cell phone booster

    I have a Wilson Sleek. It does a nice job amplifying an existing but weak signal.
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    2014 Subaru Crosstrek for sale

    Interested. What transmission? Tire specifics.
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    JK Interior Remodel

    Nice job!
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    Printing Avenza TOPO maps

    Thanks. Makes perfect sense.
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    Printing Avenza TOPO maps

    I like using Avenza. Is there a way to print the maps?
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    XJ Roof Top Tent mounting question

    I had a Maggiolina mounted on the gutters of my 97 XJ. Did a quick release mount with RTT storage in ceiling of garage. Many on and offs over 7 years and many trips with no problems
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    Bear safety in RTT's and soft sided campers/tents

    When I had a RTT I'd unhook the ladder and let it fall to the ground. Clamber down the side in the morning. No bears climbing up and no grounding in a storm. Loaded pistol or bear spray upstairs if you get a really aggressive bear.
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    Anti-Sway Bars with RTT?

    Coil springs are just like a Slinky toy. Once they start to go over they keep in going. A Jeep Rubicon is a very capable off-roader. Has coil springs. Also has a sway bar disconnect, but only on the front. When I use to off-road extreme lifted Samurais one ofthe tip offs to an impending...
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    Anti-Sway Bars with RTT?

    If you've got coil springs you need a sway bar at one end. If not, once you get tipped to one side you can just keep rolling. Happened to a guy I was with on the Rubucon Trail who'd changed from leaf springs on a Samurai to coils w/o a sway bar and had to be flipped over in the trail. Kinda...
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    Wanted: Wrangler with Ursa Minor or jku Habitat

    There's built Jeep JK with Ursa Minor posted in for sale
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    How important to "see" your radio faceplate?

    I've got a Yaesu with removable face plate. Controls on top of dash with Velcro. Radio under passenger seat with a remote speaker mounted to sound bar in my Jeep JK. This way I can see frequency, hear the speaker and not lose any useable console space.
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    2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited Expedition Built

    Sorry. 70,490. I'm not smrt enough to get the photos to transfer to the website. Wife's Mac is the issue. You can see photos on craigslist San Diego Give me your email and I'll email 20 or so of them to you
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    2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited Expedition Built

    $28,000 Professionally built by world famous Off Road Evolution in Fullerton, CA. 3" Teraflex long arms with add Gusset Kit JE Reel 1350 driveshafts 4.88 gears King 2" remote reservoir shocks LOD full length bumpers Motometal wheels 35 12.50 17 BFG Muds with spare set of used tires & wheels...