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  1. morrisdl

    'Viral' Instagram Discovery Evolution Pic FIXED

    The original was missing Disco3 / LR3 so i fixed it: Original Image (author unknown):
  2. morrisdl

    LR3 Steering wheel upgrade (2011 RRsport wheel)

    This is old hat on the UK forums, but I have never seen reference to it here. My cruise control buttons wore out from too much IDDtool use probably. I found lots of threads about bad switches and some bad clock springs, but no wheel upgrades. LR wanted more $$$ for the cruise controls switch...
  3. morrisdl

    Overland Expo: Cool Ride Contest Please go and vote up the Land Rovers by clicking the "Like" buttons on the Rovers. The Jeeps owners have us beat on shear numbers, so lets make sure we still represent! I have a horse in the race: the white LR3. Some other very awesome rigs and unlikely...
  4. morrisdl

    LR3 (Discovery3) ARB Rear Locker installed

    I was un/fortunate enough to follow a LR3 HD around for a day and saw how significant the little differences actually are. I did more difficult trails that day than I have ever done and got stuck on a rock climb and needed a winching (the HD did not). The HD LR3 was slow and steady, where mine...
  5. morrisdl

    How far can you drive an LR3 / Discovery 3 without an alternator?

    Short answer easily 1 hour per 900amp battery with wipers and defrost on (no headlights). Once it shuts off the suspension compressor, you have alteast 45 min of power remaining. After this little swim killed my alternator 3 hours away from home, I decided to give it a try and find out. We...
  6. morrisdl

    Successfully rebuilt my LR3 compressor - third times the charm.

    So, I watched a youtube video and got a crazy idea that I could rebuild my compressor. http://youtu.mbe/zlr0bzLvG-o Im in a predicament with fact the new AMK compressor will not fit easily under my RS-sliders, so I thought Id give rebuilding my Hitachi a try. Ordered the dryer and pump seals...