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  1. lionsbreath

    Would you buy and build a Gen 1 4Runner with a 22re and a AUTO?

    My X wife got my Mint 87 4runner (22re, 5 speed) and I got the 03 double cab taco 4x4:mad:. OK OK I might have gotten the better end of the deal :victory: but I really do miss my runner and had big build plans for it. :Mechanic: Every offer I have given to buy it back from her gets :ar15: shot...
  2. lionsbreath

    1986 Diesel Trooper Thoughts and ideas?

    Ok at a local tire shop I found a 2 door 1986 Isuzu Trooper Diesel 5 speed for $500. The truck is in great shape inside and out but the motor is siezed up and the owner has no idea why. I thought it might make a fun project. Major queston is parts to rebuild the engine and after market for it...
  3. lionsbreath

    22R E Running ruff Need New Ideas

    Ok Its an 87 4Runner 22R E. It runs ruff at an idles wet or dry out side but when its wet out in runs ruff all the way around. I have replaced plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Even swapped out computers. No change! Timing marks line up rotor points to one at top dead center, but if you put a...
  4. lionsbreath

    How about this as a starting point?

    Ok, after reading all of the threads about expedition trailers, I got the bug to build on myself. I started looking around and thought, why not start withwhat I already have. Tell me what you think about using this as a starting point. I have had this trailer for years and have used it for...
  5. lionsbreath

    Military boxes

    Ran across this on craigs list
  6. lionsbreath

    A deal for those in Fl
  7. lionsbreath

    total newer rear axel with E locker under 1st gen 4Runner?

    Ok I have been doing some reading. I read about folks stuffing a toyota Elocker in the 8" older rear ends of the 4runners. It takes a little cutting and welding to get it in place. Read about it here . But why not just swap the whole axel...
  8. lionsbreath

    Holy Crap The Deck Plate Mod Is GRRRREEEEEAAAAAATTTTTT

    I did the deck plate mod 2 days ago and what a differance. Better fuel mileage and a ton more power. This was a cheap ($20) mod and the truck sounds hot. :wings: The plate was $15, sensor safe silicon, a few screws and 30min of time. Most expensive thing the first tank of gas use mainly doing...
  9. lionsbreath

    Where did you mount your CB?

    I am looking for a good spot to mount my CB In my 03 Not many spots to do so compared to my 86 toyota.
  10. lionsbreath

    Plug wires?

    Ok not to be a wennie, but girly grip is not able to pull the plug wires off of the plugs. Is there a trick here or do I just need to man up?
  11. lionsbreath


    Anyone got'em How do you like them? Are they worth the money?
  12. lionsbreath

    diff breather

    A stock # would be cool and where did you run the hose to. do you use a filter? :wavey:
  13. lionsbreath

    Ask Away

    Any questions on jeep products please ask away. I love my taco but make my money by knowing everyhing there is to know :jump: on jeeps because I sell them.
  14. lionsbreath

    A New Cheap Must Have

    A new cheap must have for any hi lift owner, the LIFT MATE at less then $30 this is a :shakin: saver. I got hung up on a rock that I didn't see, hung up on my tranny pan that is. When I went to use my Hi Lift I realized that I could not lift the truck for a lack of a good lift point like no...
  15. lionsbreath

    Front lockers

    Anyone know if you can mod. the OEM elc. rear locker to work on the front diff.? If not any other selectable lockers fort the fron of a toco besides ARB :coffee:
  16. lionsbreath

    New Commander

    We are launching the new Jeep Commander at work tonite if anyone wants to stop by and say hello Free wine and food 5pm to 8pm :eatchicke @ Airpark Chrysler Jeep in Scottsdale off the 101 and Frank loyde Wright. Just say you are there to see Joe No Sale pitches from me but I will let you drive...
  17. lionsbreath

    remote entry

    Question On my 2003 Taco I have a remote entry key fob. The problem is that the darn thing only works when I am right next to the truck With in 10 feet or less. I have changed the bat. and still no better range. Does any one know where the antena is on the truck and if I can relocate it for...
  18. lionsbreath

    broken arrow trip

    New to the group here! I was thinking of a run on broken arrow followed by a fall leave drive up 89a or ?????????? Drive will be on a Sunday in the middle of Oct. I will set a firm date when I get my work my work schedule. :wavey: