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  1. 99wj

    Water Storage

    other than Water Cans (scepter, wedco etc..) what does everyone use for water storage on-board and what kind of pump are you using also. Just looking to do an on-board water setup and i'm not sure where to start, if you guys have any links for products, much appreciated. :)
  2. 99wj


    Finally!! it has arrived from the dealer, last one in the USA came straight from Detroit, after 1 horrible week of waiting :) my cargo barrier has arrived, used to keep stuff from coming up and killing me :sombrero: and to mount stuff to, here are some pics, this thing is insanely strong and...
  3. 99wj

    Feet Foward!!

    I've heard some talk lately of people saying they have their winch mounted with the mounting points facing forward ("feet forward"), instead of down (normal configuration), and running the line out through the bottom of the winch. I've never heard of this, but it kinda seemed like it would be a...
  4. 99wj

    WTB: Pelican Case 1020, 1040 or 1050

    looking to buy a used but in good shape, Pelican Case 1020, 1040 or 1050, looking to pay like $9-$12 Shipped, as they retail for $15, $16 and $17. I prefer paypal, for quickness and ease. Just PM me. :)
  5. 99wj

    Nice 4 runner

    no relation, just thought it was oddly quite cheap for such a sweet ride... located in atlanta
  6. 99wj

    ASP Tactical Baton

    For sale is a "never used" 26" Chrome ASP baton. The baton is out of the box, but just sits in the glove compartment of my jeep, the baton has never been used to strike anything, so it is in mint condition. Great to keep in the rig, smaller than a baseball bat and just about as devastating...
  7. 99wj

    Thoughts on a new overland rig...

    I'm a current jeep owner, and they are great, albeit a little small for overlanding. So my question is... I'm really thinking about purchasing a M35a2 truck for overlanding. Now I'm a little familiar with the rig, 6x6, turbo diesel, BEASTLY Rockwell axles, etc... My question is does anyone on...
  8. 99wj

    Bad Wheeling Day.....

    Yeah... Ended up having to take the creek route, so i wheeled down the whole thing with no problem and there was a fallen tree at the end... bummer, on the way back i guess my rig found the deepest spot and the softest sand, hehe. Take enjoyment in the following pics, the last one is the best...
  9. 99wj

    Extra Lightforce Harness

    would anyone happen to have an extra or gently used Lightforce Wiring Harness? looking to pay $20-$30 range for used, $40 for new. Thanks Guys :)