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  1. Factoid

    Wooden you rather have one of these?!

    People find all sorts of ways to camp. Check out this “overland” vehicle from 1922.
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    F150 steering rack issues?

    Anyone have an F150 with 35+ tires have issues with their steering rack? I have a 2006, but I’ve heard from several (non-experts) that running large tires and running off-road regularly will wreck the power steering rack in short order. Thoughts?
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    If you build it, they will come

    Based on various conversations, threads and PMs I have received, I've been doing a lot of thinking and planning for my next build. Originally, I wanted a reliable, comfortable overland traveler for my wife and I. We are both in our 50's, retired with four kids now all off the payroll! Over the...
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    Source for pop top tent enclosure?

    I’ve finalized my working design for the top and lifting mechanism and have turned my attention to the enclosure (basically the sewn fabric walls). I’ve found several custom enclosure suppliers, but have no references or insight into their abilities to produce. All three say they will custom...
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    Please review my pop top design

    Having zero response from CCV to my many calls and emails over the last several months compounded by concerns over their installation/service reputation, I have decided to design and build my own electrically operated pop top. I have significant design and build experience over the last 30 years...
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    Need source for pop up for LR 101FC

    I hope this is the right forum for this request. I have a 1976 LR 101FC radio body that has been heavily modified mechanically and I want to take it to full overland camper. I need a pop up like Colorado Camper Vans offers. Either a basic install that I will finish or a kit I can install...
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    Land Rover wheels and Defender Grill

    Five 16x7 wheels with tires and the grill shown in this picture. All are practically new (only installed for a couple months and less than 100 miles). Grill $300 plus shipping Wheels $2,000 pick up in San Antonio unless you arrange shipping Open to offers (remember this is a family site, so no...
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    Land Rover Progression

    Since I seem to have an obsession with vehicles that are expensive to fix when they break. Meaning I better know how to fix them when they do or that's why my garage is full of Land Rovers and Porsches in various states of disrepair. I'm curious how your progression (obsession?) with LRs...
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    Diesel additives and routines for reliability

    The diesel cold start thread got me wondering. While not new to diesels, I will leave my 300tdi in storage for 2 to 6 months during cold NY winters (it will stay at our lake home in NY over the winter). What are the best fuel additives and storage routines to ensure reliability when we return in...
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    1976 Land Rover Series III 109 build "Montoya"

    Figured I'd start a thread to get this thing moving. I have all the parts to sort out the suspension and drivetrain. Just need the time. What's cool is finally getting another series and discovering that the demented world of Porsche part prices had warped my reality on the cost of parts. I sold...
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    Sweet Jeep!

    There is something about this Jeep that screams buy me! Please don't tell the wife...
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    Montoya my 1976 Series III 109

    So, she's a Spaniard. Montoya seemed appropriate. Upgrades are coming. You Landry owners don't know "underpowered" until you drive a 109 with the stock diesel 2.25. I have procured a 300 TDI (love diesels) and it will go in over Christmas. I bought her as she is completely rust free (the south...