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  1. the deputy

    My Journey

    What would it mean...if I'm actually looking at his yard and seeing if there is anything I need. Okay, hoarder issues Hope your friend fights the fight, and beats it down competely. Brian.
  2. the deputy

    My Journey

    I'm dumbstruck by the spectacular sweeping views of your journey. It's almost hard to believe spots like this exist. As always, thank you for taking the time to post your travels here. Brian.
  3. the deputy

    My Journey

    Basically the only post I check on a regular basis. Enjoyed your travels, sometimes I don't comment...because I'm lost for words. Your journey has taken you, and your pals, far and wide...and I've enjoyed every step. Brian.
  4. the deputy

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    How long before you can be trusted to not get lost...and exit the fencing? Anyhow, great looking set up (tent and rover). Brian.
  5. the deputy

    My Journey

    Can't even come up with words anymore...that help me describe the captive beauty of the places you've been. Sure am thankful that you take the time to post these great views and moments of your journey. Hard to believe it's only been 400 days...your travels have been amazing for that length of...
  6. the deputy

    Fall Overnight into the Montana Wilderness

    Brilliant detour from everyday life. Brian.
  7. the deputy

    Oklahoma Adventure Trail

    Way to go! Nice to see folks out exploring. Thank you, for sharing. Brian.
  8. the deputy

    Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama

    It's funny, your mom's coat matches the interior of the plane...women...always wanting to color coordinate Great pictures. Brian.
  9. the deputy

    5 Days in the Upper Peninsula

    Yeah, we were up there on the 5th thru the 9th...and then a day and a half in Mac City. Thank you, for all of the great pictures of Pictured Rocks. We were driving in the pouring rain and l had somewhat forgotten about them after leaving Grand Marais. We get rounding the bay to the northwest...
  10. the deputy

    Also did 5 days in the Upper Peninsula

    Grand Sable Lake and the rover. Grand Sable lake, without the rover. Lake Superior. Hate when someone parks in front of a think you're getting something for free...and not to Good bye upper peninsula. The rain trodden couple. Me, waiting for my ship to...
  11. the deputy

    Also did 5 days in the Upper Peninsula

    Looking for agates along Lake Superiors shore. If anyone sees one in this picture, please let me know and we will go back and retrieve it. Au Sable falls. Sable Point Lighthouse. Looking east from Sable Point lighthouse, at the Sable Dunes.
  12. the deputy

    Also did 5 days in the Upper Peninsula

    Not to steal "Malibubts" thunder, but we also traveled across the UP last week. Rain cut our camping trip short, but we still had a great time. Our trip mirrored their route once across the "Might Mac" and we endured the same weather conditions. Crossing the Mackinac Bridge. Third longest...
  13. the deputy

    5 Days in the Upper Peninsula

    Just mirrored your travels last week. Granted, we didn't start from Cleveland. We did the falls, Paradise, White Fish bay light house, traveled the northern route along Superior (like you) to Muskallonge state park (camped, the only day it never rained) and continued west towards the Porcupine...
  14. the deputy

    My Journey

    Almost forgot...your pictures are just breath taking. Granted, when you get several post on one DSL connection goes up in Brian.
  15. the deputy

    My Journey

    Walking rules, driving drools. Usually walk in the evenings around home here, and ran into the neighbor and his wife in their golf cart the other day. They stopped to visit and the conversation turn to the diminishing population of ring-neck pheasants and that they hadn't heard or seen one in...
  16. the deputy

    Round the world in 1957

    That was splendid. Loved the footage and back story, supplied in link. What an adventure! Thank you, for sharing this great story. Brian.
  17. the deputy

    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    Enjoyed your travels. Brian.
  18. the deputy

    The Long Way to Winnipeg Beach 2017 (Throwback Edition)

    Thank you, for sharing. Good stuff. Brian.
  19. the deputy

    LR3 Cross Country to Colorado

    Looks like a great trip. Brian.