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    3 gen 2.5's and 2 Sports did some wheeling ( video )

    I met up with a few of the RMMM ( Rocky Mountain Mitsubishi Montero group ) yesterday for a drive on Chihuahua Gulch. One of the members made a short video
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    exhaust gasket keep blowing out on Gen 2.5

    Shortly after I replaced the passenger side exhaust manifold with an OEM manifold I got another leak. Shop said it was the lower gasket on the manifold where it connects to the rest of the exhaust system. They replaced it with a new gasket and all was good. A few hundred miles and it came back...
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    Gen 2.5 steering wheel options

    So I have the dreaded horn sticking in cold weather in my 98....I can either repair it but the wheel itself has seen better days after 217k miles. Anyone know if a Gen 3 airbag wheel is a direct swap, airbag and all? I could also go the aftermarket route but don't know how to wire out the airbag...
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    AC compressor and blower motor not working after heater core replacement

    Just finished up the heater core on my 98 and even put in a new oem AC control unit along with a blower motor. When turning on fan nothing happens. I have triple checked all connections and don't think I missed anything. Also the AC compressor doesn't kick in when turned on. Any suggestions...
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    Passenger airbag removal prior to heater core replacement?

    Tackling my heater core this week. Got about 75% of what I need to remove out of the way. I stopped prior to removing passenger airbag. My thoughts are disconnect battery entirely, then loosen the nuts holding in the airbag to get some slack then just disconnect it. Is this the correct...
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    Black Betty aka Mean Joe Green 98 Gen 2.5

    I recently picked up "Betty" from @SONICMASD and now I am adding my touches to it. While I am waiting on parts to complete the heater core I finally decided to do a paint correction and ceramic coating on Mean Joe. This is just the first step and I will finish up the paint and coatings tomorrow.
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    Chinese manifolds not much of a bargain at $60

    Betty had an exhaust leak when I bought her that went away as the engine got hot. I was hoping it was just a loose nut or two and a simple fix. No such luck.... This is 2 years and 16k miles. OEM manifold will be here Monday so I can get her back on the road. Not cheap and I would rather have...
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    WTB Mitsubishi Montero ( Gen 2.5 or SR with 3.5 )

    Looking for my 4th Montero ( just sold my trusty LS to a friend ) rust free or close to rust free. Modifications welcome but not needed.
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    WTB: Gen 2.5 or Gen 2 Montero SR with 3.5 cash in hand.

    Hello fellow Montero heads! I am not new to Monty's as I have had 3. I am selling my mint condition 94 to a very close friend as I want a rig with more grunt for Colorado altitude. Cash ready and willing to travel. I am looking for a rust free ( or close to rust free ) example. Modifications are...
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    Swapping a 3.5 into a 94 LS Montero with 5 speed

    Posted this on the ADD forum too but wanted to cover my bases and hope people can chime in. I have had 3 Montero's. Gen1 2.6, My 94 LS 3.0 and a 99 Gen 2.5. I LOVE my 94 since it was a 3 owner gem with 70k miles ( all records from new ) when I bought it 3 years ago. It now has a tad over 100k...
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    Boulder CO shop recommendations

    Hey there all! I just picked up my second Montero ( Gen 2 with 76k miles ). I usually do all my own work, but I had to sell off most of my tools for the move from Baltimore to Boulder. Can someone recommend a good solid 4X4 shop that knows Monty's and is capable of air lockers, and lifts &...