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  1. billiebob

    Diesel vs Gasoline

    Here is the quote of the day ... Brought the van to a local Powerstroke Performance Shop for a full diagnostic and mechanical overhaul. Over $12k in receipts. Go in with $12K and a gas engine and you'd get a new crate engine installed. The premium you pay for the diesel when buying is...
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    Best Jeep Gladiator Commercial EVER !!

    sorry to upstage the other one but .... when men were men and trucks were trucks
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    Warranty vs Lift

    We have 2018 Subaru Crosstrek and it always goes to the dealer for service etc. When we considered a 2" lift for it we went to the dealer and were told a lift would void the warranty....... so no lift for this car.
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    Trailer Power

    Has anyone done this.... I'm leaning to adding a second alternator and a dedicated/isolated electrical system for the trailer. Pricing out this option I'm pretty sure I will save money..... plus I get a second alternator which could be rerouted if the vehicles main alternator dies..... in the...
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    so you say you can weld...

    see the problem ?
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    Electric FLIGHT is Here Harbour Air flies Vancouver to Victoria. Perfect distance for the first commercial electric airplane.
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    "New Technology Rage/Hate/Praise Thread"

    I saw this and thought, what a great thread. I'm on the side of.... the best 4x4s came with carburetors
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    One Day in Canada

    The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.. Canada Remembers. I love Remembrance for what it is. Remember those who gave their life to protect ours. But for many people they see soldiers as war, violence, death. Especially refugees who are only here to escape the horror of war...
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    TIRES vs MPG

    I've owned Jeeps, 4x4s, pickups for 45 years. My first vehicle in high school was an M38. And I've always been a "gotta do that" guy. So big tires, bigger tires, regear .... My TJR went thru factory tires, 33s, 35s, wide track, factory track, 33/10.50R15s on 7" steel spokers.... trending bigger...
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    WHY ??

    I'm curious, why 2 expedition trailer threads when all the DIY threads are now in the RETAIL thread anyway???? And RETAIL trailers are showing up here.
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    I have a teardrop. I need power. How to do that is the question? NET ZERO is the goal. I am leaning to something like the SUOAKI G500. But it looks like it might not have enough power or connections to work. I'm going to work on my "needs" and add to this thread. I know for cooking, coffee...
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    GYPSY Trailers

    This Pierce Arrow trailer from 1937 jusr sold for $44,800 The interior is like fine furniture
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    Want a Discounted JL ?

    In Nevada, yesterday..
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    I'm Convinced

    I could live this lifestyle.
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    Anyone have experience with the Dometic CRX series RV fridges ?? like
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    The OSB BOX

    I started with my 5x10 utility trailer plus 4 sheets of 7/16 OSB which I used to carry chimney supplies. We demolished a housevwith the old plate glass sliding windows and I saved 2 pieces of glass which started the trailer process. I was sure the glass would eventually shatter, but 3 years...