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  1. verdesard0g

    Is this glamping?

    16 foot, 4,000 pounds total weight, 25 gallon fresh water, sink and water pump, 5 gallon grey water tank, cassette toilet, full size bed, lots of storage, recessed tie downs in the floor for my motorcycle, propane furnace. Two years in the making. All done!
  2. verdesard0g

    klr sale or trade

    I have a nice 07 KLR. I'm looking to downsize for easier loading into my home made toy hauler camping trailer, something like a TW200. Offers ??
  3. verdesard0g

    ipad maps

    Unfortunately only works on apple Ipads but this is what everyone needs: motionx GPS HD Can download several different map sets including map/satellite hybrids. It's what I use for off road Search and Rescue navigation. Since I have been an android user I bought a refurbished ipad for this.
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    owl on a post

  5. verdesard0g

    dodge 2500 4x4 ram front end parts

    I just renewed the front of my 06 CDT 4x4. I have OEM springs, 3" level spacers, rancho 9000 shocks and complete "t" style steering (seems to be good and tight) set up for sale. Best offers + shipping from 86326 for any and all. Make any offer, I just want to recycle these parts not throw them away!
  6. verdesard0g

    New wheels and tires

    After two warranty replacements and three attempts to balance a set of Continental tires I decide to get new wheels and tires. Cooper AT3 XLT's and a set of American Racing AR172, black. 315 70 17'sSo far without adjusting the air perssure they ride nice, will do a chalk test tomorrow to find...
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    from my back yard:
  8. verdesard0g

    My new forest service road capable Palace!

    I posted some of this a while back but now that there is a new section here is a continuing thread.
  9. verdesard0g

    Drop pitman arm Dodge Ram 2500

    I have a new drop pitman arm for a dodge ram 2500. Didn't need it. $50+ shippng or local pick up in the Verde Valley (Sedona/cottonwood area) 86326
  10. verdesard0g

    Magtec rear diff cover, carli tracbar drop bracket

    I have those two parts for sale fit a Dodge Ram 2500. The drop bracket is new, didn't need it with the new carli trac bar! The diff cover is used, my 34" spare tire hits it when installed so it has to go. $100 plus shipping for each piece. Or local pick up in the Verde Valley AZ...
  11. verdesard0g

    Dry fire for improving shooting accuracy

    After shooting low and to the right with my new little .380 Idid some dry fire pratice, dramatic improvements! Iron sights at about 20 feet (9 rounds): Green laser sights (5 rounds) looks like it could use a bit of adjustment:
  12. verdesard0g

    Ruger PC Carbine 9mm

    Anyone own one? Is it any good?
  13. verdesard0g

    New trailer build

    Well, here it is, my next project. It will be a toy hauler for my motorcycle and camping set up. I was thinking about a cargo trailer conversion so I looked at new ones, Pure junk!!! The plywood floors are held up with formed stamped sheet metal steel like a unibody car. No go for me, especially...
  14. verdesard0g

    KLR 650

    Just traded my BMW for this: It's more my style!
  15. verdesard0g

    Dodge Ram xfer case shift linkage

    I have seen more than one thread about the transfer case shift linkage problems with the rubber grommet so knowing the rubber looses it's elasticity (gets hard) as it ages and my truck is 12 years old I decided to do something about it before it starts to fall off. Two standard heim joints with...
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    Argemone pleiacantha stereo

    Argemone pleiacantha, southwest prickly poppy: Photos taken with Samsung S7 phone.
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    Mingus Mtn. Arizona
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    My new toy!

    I have had as many motorcycles as cars/trucks but this is the first one I've had in over 20 years....let the fun begin!