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  1. NCFJ

    Warhorse- LS3 Connect & cruise, total rebuild with a twist

    Warhorse as he arrived.
  2. NCFJ

    Hound-FJ62 LS3/4L65E Connect and Cruise

    Hound rolled in last week for an LS3/4L65E Connect & Cruise swap, axle and brake rebuilds and some general TLC along with a few other upgrades.
  3. NCFJ

    88 FJ62 Rebuild and LSX Swap

    Desdemona (Desi) is here for a crate motor LSX swap and a full rebuild from the ground up. Notice the word "Restoration" is not used but rather rebuild. Desi arrived with some assistance Pulled her in for an overall inspection, a well used 62 with a Jasper motor and worn out trans. Off...
  4. NCFJ

    Building Dexter, My Wife's 95 80 series

    It all started about 18 months ago when I bought a 1995 80 series with a "blown motor". $750.00 for a future swap. I drove it on the trailer with the radiator leaking badly. I sold the ugly TJM bumper for $250.00 so I had a 95, locked 80 for $500.00 and a round trip too Asheville, cool! Heather...
  5. NCFJ

    88 FJ62 gets 5.3L Vortec-built 4L65E lots of pics

    This 88 FJ62 rolled up to the shop for a 5.3L/4L65e/split case swap. Long story short, turns out this truck was smaked pretty hard in the right front corner and bent the frame pretty bad. Whomever "tried" to straighten the frame actually made it worse, past the point of repair. So a motor...