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  1. WVI

    Why not a Hummer?

    Thanks for sharing that Fletcher. I'd love to have an H1 or even an H2. Our shop was just getting Hummers in a couple years before I got out. I was and am still amazed what they would do. While in Kuwait, one of our guys topped his of with gasoline and made it quite a few miles before it quit...
  2. WVI

    Storage drawers

    How much are you asking for it?
  3. WVI

    insulation extruded Polysteyrene vs extruded polyethylene

    jpjn61ct, thanks for the link! I'd given up on foam bard as I couldn't find a source. Even the AC companies around me no longer use them. I do worry about using them in a vehicle roof do to summer temps in some areas.
  4. WVI

    Android tablet recommendation

    WOW, that was quick. How did you load a "small Google map" onto it? Have you tried driving with it using the device alone?
  5. WVI

    Camper Shell Mutilation..

    I would think if you re-enforced the cut out edges, it would work. Some ARE caps had an extra layer on the top so it could carry a load on it.
  6. WVI

    Android tablet recommendation

    I'm looking forward to your report.
  7. WVI

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Chilliwak, that looks like it ended up on it's side?
  8. WVI

    Added a detachable table to my drawer system

    That looks pretty darn handy.
  9. WVI

    Identify this gun tool please

    Could it be the assembly tool and "go", "no go" gage for some Ikea type furniture??
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    ATPT, Do you know what make and model those fender flares are??
  11. WVI

    Water storage

    Waterbrick has some pretty cool stuff!
  12. WVI

    Roxanne, the Van of Many Lovers (1989 Ford Club Wagon XLT E250) Build Thread

    Bet he appreciated that!!!! That top looks like it's in decent shape.
  13. WVI

    LOWES trailer conversion...DONE!

    Looks to have turned out nice!
  14. WVI

    Is this glamping?

    Thanks..... My wife asked why I can't cut the back of our van off, and build something like that on it?!!!!
  15. WVI

    Is this glamping?

    VERY cool. How did you seal the roof lip on the tongue side to keep it from being taken off when driving???
  16. WVI

    New DC to DC Charger From Renogy-20 amps or 40 amps-Flooded/AGM/GEL/Lithium

    I had not thought of that....Good question.
  17. WVI

    Flashlights advice

    another-mike, I may have to use a 20% coupon and get one of those. I have a few cheap HF lights stuck in my van. Boatbuilder, I didn't know they made adaptors for the lights and batteries. Thanks for mentioning this.
  18. WVI

    2018 Chevy Express 2.8 Duramax

    I had a FedEx delivery this am and he was driving a Chevy diesel van First I've seen in person!