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  1. lionsbreath

    Tire dilemma 285 or 255

    I have two sets of treadwrights. On my taco (265/70/16 MT) they are on the poor side hard to balance and one is way out of round. On my Dodge 2500 diesel (245/75/16 AT) not a problem at all, still required a little more weight to balance them then I would care to put on a new set of tires but...
  2. lionsbreath

    Would you buy and build a Gen 1 4Runner with a 22re and a AUTO?

    I think I am going to go with it I will rebuild and run the auto for now. I just cant pass up a good condition Gen 1, and especially one that comes with a spare parts gen 1 with it. They are my favorite body style. 22re is a solid engine, but lacks the power so if I go swapping anything...
  3. lionsbreath

    Would you buy and build a Gen 1 4Runner with a 22re and a AUTO?

    My X wife got my Mint 87 4runner (22re, 5 speed) and I got the 03 double cab taco 4x4:mad:. OK OK I might have gotten the better end of the deal :victory: but I really do miss my runner and had big build plans for it. :Mechanic: Every offer I have given to buy it back from her gets :ar15: shot...
  4. lionsbreath

    1986 Diesel Trooper Thoughts and ideas?

    nope went back to ge it and it was long gone. oh well on to the hunt for my next project . but thanks for the imput guys!:victory:
  5. lionsbreath

    1986 Diesel Trooper Thoughts and ideas?

    Ok at a local tire shop I found a 2 door 1986 Isuzu Trooper Diesel 5 speed for $500. The truck is in great shape inside and out but the motor is siezed up and the owner has no idea why. I thought it might make a fun project. Major queston is parts to rebuild the engine and after market for it...
  6. lionsbreath

    85 Toy Just Joined

    Nice My favorite :victory: body style.
  7. lionsbreath

    1st generation 4runner

    Didin't think about it like that. Is the xtra weight wort the xtra case or maybe just step down to a 4:1 insteed of the 4.7:1
  8. lionsbreath

    Perplexing engine issue…

    Sounds like a tank venting issue to me.
  9. lionsbreath

    1st generation 4runner

    I have a 87. I am running the same wheels as you but with a 255/75/16 yokahamas'. No lift as of yet but I am looking at the OME or a Downey 2-2 1/2. I just replaced front 1/2 shafts, tps, clutch and various other minnor parts. I will be regearing the transfer case next and adding aussie...
  10. lionsbreath

    1st generation 4runner

    Check this site out he has a ton of great info on it and I referance it all the time.
  11. lionsbreath

    4.88 vs. 4.56 in a 2006

    Here is a great cal. for the gearing question you are asking.
  12. lionsbreath

    3.4 Supercharger: A liability on an expo truck?

    I have been looking at doing the TRD supercharger on my taco as well. I have not personaly herd of any major problems with the TRD charger and it was orginaly back by the factory warrenty. I would go for it. I am!
  13. lionsbreath

    22R E Running ruff Need New Ideas

    Thanks for the ideas. I have been a little press for time and got tired of throwing money in to parts that didn't fix it. So I took it over to the local dealer and paid a $100. to have them trouble shoot it. They said it was the throttle pos. sen. They quoted me $110 for the part $200 for...
  14. lionsbreath

    22R E Running ruff Need New Ideas

    Ok Its an 87 4Runner 22R E. It runs ruff at an idles wet or dry out side but when its wet out in runs ruff all the way around. I have replaced plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Even swapped out computers. No change! Timing marks line up rotor points to one at top dead center, but if you put a...
  15. lionsbreath

    86 4Runner build

    This is a build up I can get behind. I have a 87 4Runner with a 22re that I am starting to build. I was thinking of building a custom jerry can holder that works with the spare tire winch to hold the two cans where the spare sits and then building a custom rear tire carrier.
  16. lionsbreath

    Hi-Lift Problems / Malfunctions

    I am with you guys, I take mine out and practice with it be for a trail run and give it the once over with some PB BLASTER. PB seems to free everything. But I read that some of you use chain lube and I might try that next. You must know how to work the jack before you have to use it for the...
  17. lionsbreath

    A Aussie Trailer, nice design

    Nice trailer I am all in. BUT, $40k Holy Crap Batman!!!!!!!!!
  18. lionsbreath

    1st Year a manual trans was offered in 4Dr Taco

    Not offered But I prefer an auto off road any day of the week. I own both and have done plenty of heavy wheeling. On a slope or rocks an auto makes life much easier. I like to think I have a third leg :) But in real life its only good for one thing and thats not working a clutch.:(
  19. lionsbreath

    ARB Snorkel 1984-89 Toyota 4sale

    I thought I pm you a while back if it is till for sale I would like to talk pm
  20. lionsbreath


    Don't forget to buy those from your favorite US AIRWAYS Flight Attendant (me ) I will sent you an order form fill it out and send it back and you can earn xtra Miles:arabia: Just kidding.