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  1. gravedgr

    Do you need a carry weapon? [PSA]

    I know this is off topic, but this deal is too good to not pass along to all my friends in the overlanding world. Some of you know I'm a big proponent of concealed carry for self defense (lookin' at you, Jason). If anyone needs or would like an additional concealed carry pistol, you can't go...
  2. gravedgr

    Sears Diehard Platinum 31M issues

    I swapped out the stock battery for a 31M AGM battery last year and although it has been great up to this point, for a few months now I'm having trouble with it losing voltage pretty quickly. Granted, I don't drive my truck much but even after an hour trip somewhere it is down within 1-2 days...
  3. gravedgr

    Tacoma bed (5') storage options

    Can some of you recommend some storage systems for the Tacoma ('14) short bed? Someone recommended DECKED and I really like their system for 4 key reasons: 1) price; 2) waterproof; 3) security; and 4) ease of removal (perhaps most important). Unfortunately, they only have it out for the full...
  4. gravedgr

    Roof Top Tents

    We are considering a RTT for the new truck. I'm not totally sold on the idea - 1) we have a BIG normal tent, and 2) Cindy wants to consider popup campers - but there are some group buys going or starting soon for 20% off, so I'm trying to learn fast. A RTT would let us start doing some...
  5. gravedgr

    Best offroading map/atlas for north Georgia?

    We are shopping for a gps, but we'd like to get a detailed printed map to plan our trips with first (we'll then plug the waypoints into the gps). On the flip side, we will sometimes go exploring, marking waypoints along the way - we'd like to be able to find those roads on the map when we get...
  6. gravedgr

    Delorme PN-60

    We are considering a handheld gps to mark all our offroading trails. On other sites I frequent, it is pretty much the defacto choice (SE or normal, w/ or w/out SPOT). What does everyone here think?