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  1. roving1

    Stumbled upon 2 clean 1st Gen Xterras, can I get a crash course on what to look for before buying?

    I always liked these vehicles but never went down the rabbit hole of researching them. Currently in Mexico for work and think I want to buy a vehicle and leave it here for my somewhat frequent travels, I hate automatic transmissions as a personal preference but I have no idea how robust either...
  2. roving1

    Winch hooks/end links that accept soft shackles?

    I see that Factor 55 makes stuff that is radiused to not damage soft shackles. I think this is a great idea that adds to flexibility of gear. But their prices are RIDICULOUS. Anyone one else out there making something like that? I can't drop $200-250 for a chunk of machined aluminium that does...
  3. roving1

    Stock Height 1st Gen 4WD Tacoma KYB Monomax and Assembled Struts from 4cyl. Upper Control Arms. SE Michigan pickup only. Free

    I have some used KYB Monomaxes with about 12K miles on them. They came off of a 2002 reg cab 2.7. Still have plenty of life in them. I upgraded to a lift. Best, stiffest valving for Tacos in the cheap-ish shock category. Also two upper A Arms. Tired of lugging them around and want to pay it...
  4. roving1

    CV won't seal against knuckle dust seal after lift and manual hub conversion on 1st gen Taco. Ideas?

    Hmmm... I put all the 4wd guts back in the front of the Taco. There is some slight CV binding at full droop so I think I'm going to have to drop the front diff, despite most of the internet saying it's not necessary for this amount of lift😭. The real bummer is the passenger side CV won't seal up...
  5. roving1

    Need help sourcing manual hub conversion parts for 1st gen 2002 Taco.

    Hello. I am having trouble sourcing parts for the conversion. There are hardly ever Tacos in Detroit area yards and when they are they have not been manual hubs. Part searches always result in the yard either just blowing me off or telling me they don't have all the parts, which I have trouble...
  6. roving1

    Drive from a campsite on a trail then road into the town of Guanajuato Mexico

    Campsite outside of Guanjauato and the drive back into town. A really cool city in the mountains with weeks worth of off-roading and exploring you could do in the area. Only 6-7KM outside of town. The site is on ioverlander.
  7. roving1

    Flipping the usual dual battery system, lithium as starter battery, with small AGM backup.

    I have a theory of a way to go that I don't think I have seen much of. I'm thinking of going to a system with a 100ah lithium as the starter house battery in OEM location with a very small racing type AGM stuck somewhere else under the hood isolated as a backup battery. Benefits: I don't...
  8. roving1

    Weatherproof lightweight truck drawers. Bought or made what's out there?

    Doesn't really seem to be much out there. Decked could work but they don't make it for any older vehicles and it seems to waste a lot of space in front of the wheel wells. The metal commercial solutions weigh ludricous amounts and this is going in a regular cab 1st Gen Taco so weight is...
  9. roving1

    2.7 3rz coolant issue. Gurgling in upper Rad hose

    So a few times after long uphill climbs in 4lo I have heard a gurgle noise when I shut the engine off. I thought it was just the HVAC but recently I had the A/C off and I went poking around and realized it was coming from the upper rad hose exiting the head. So in this case I was climbing from...
  10. roving1

    Nevado De Toluca Mexico. Quick drive up the base of a 15K' extinct volcano.

    I had a little spare time to make a quick run up to the Nevado De Toluca volcano recently. The Nevado is about 50 miles West of Mexico City. The walls are about 15,000' high and the vehicle access ends at about 13,500'. There is a toll road for passenger cars from the North. But there are free...
  11. roving1

    Casual drive: Detroit to Toluca México

    No pics for this just a little write up. Had the opportunity to be in Toluca for 6 months. But the challenge was I had to be down there in 3 days. I have flown here before and nearby is a giant dormant volcano and lots of cool off road trails 20 minutes from where I am staying (never...
  12. roving1

    Quickie video reveiws: CVT MT Shasta Summit, and Rhino rack Batwing

    Just some quickie video reviews while I was camping shot crappily with my phone.
  13. roving1

    Sunlight Basin, Morrison Jeep Trail Wyoming 2018 solo trip.

    Took a solo trip out to NW Wyoming. Goal was the Morrison Jeep Trail but the weather was terrible and had to go to plan B and hit the Sunlight Basin. Weather got good enough right at the end to do the Morrison trail. Happy trip. Was supposed to be a 2 week trip that got condensed to a week due...
  14. roving1

    Selectable lockers for front diff 2002 Taco, what's available?

    So is there just ARB and Harrop E locker for this application? Wondering if I'm missing anything? I don't really want to permanently mount my air compressor as a move it around a bunch of vehicles and honestly I seriously have lost count the amount of times I have seen some sort of leak make an...
  15. roving1

    Is there really no sway bar disconnects for 1st GEN Tacos?

    Hello all. Doesn't seem to be available for 1st gen trucks. I tend to drive fast even in overland spec so I don't really want to get rid of the sway bar. In fact I have a stiffer one on my 2wd and I would get one for the 4wd if I could figure out a disconnect for it. Any one have a lead on...
  16. roving1

    Duramax flo n go 14G gas caddy

    Has anyone put their hands on one of these? Is it robust enough for overlanding use? I really like the way it doesn't take up much more foot print than a 5 gallon jerry but has almost three times the capacity and can remain in place while fueling. Also super easy to top off gasoline lanterns...
  17. roving1

    Road Master Active suspension payload/towing leaf helpers review. 2002 reg cab Tacoma

    So I have a Tacoma that I am not quite ready to lift yet. But on my first trip it became pretty apparent the spring rate of the leafs are shot. These were never the most robust leafs from the factory and at 150K with a big overlanding load they were close enough to bump stops to make every...
  18. roving1

    Detroit Truetrac for 1st gen front diff with ADD. Personal experience wanted.

    Hello everyone. I have a new to me 02 reg cab 4wd and am planning to regear and put truetracs in the front and rear. What I am looking for is personal experience in two areas. Did the ADD specific fitment issues get addressed for the Truetrac? There were some issues early on and it seems like...