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  1. FlipperFla

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Here is our rig..... 2000 Chevy Express.
  2. FlipperFla

    To those with chev express under hood light experience

    Never had an issue with mine, if I am going to be wrenching with the hood open for any extended period of time I unplug it. It has a high current bulb and runs really hot.
  3. FlipperFla

    It's a Van So Its Got To Have Stickers. Let's See Your Van's Stickers!

    We didn’t put them on our van, we went the camping box route!
  4. FlipperFla

    Knife thread

    Check out Smoky Mountain Knife Works, ESEE and CRKT fan here. Happy shopping!
  5. FlipperFla

    Batteries swollen and gassing - stuck in Tennant Creek

    Sounds like the voltage regulator in the alternator went south and you cooked your batteries.
  6. FlipperFla

    Bad Elf or Garmin GLO

    I would vote for the Garmin.
  7. FlipperFla

    24" Hightop Express Rear Build-out

    Dont forget to get a smoke/ carbon monoxide detector!
  8. FlipperFla

    24" Hightop Express Rear Build-out

    Even the roadtreks are using small window units now, a friend of mine bought one. What they did was mount the unit completely inside the upper galley cabinet, so ther was nothing external, cut vents in the side wall of the van the way you see some of the heater vents on the side! I just helped a...
  9. FlipperFla

    24" Hightop Express Rear Build-out

    A good place for electrical hardwire is Blue Seas Systems. Good choice for porta pottie with the 5 gal tank. I mounted a 5500 BTU AC in my rear window. It is mounted with a fiberglass blank and custom cover. Living in Fla it is a must if you want to camp in the summer. For your water system you...
  10. FlipperFla

    120V plug's

    Try Blue Seas Systems. Bulletproof hardware.
  11. FlipperFla

    Multimeter recommendations

    Retired Broadcast Techie here! I have had a Fluke 77 my whole career that has been thru hell and back and has never missed a beat, still have it. Bought 2 of the little clamp-on style meters that are pretty nice with no issues at Harbor Freight for around $15 ea. Keep them in the Wifes car and...
  12. FlipperFla

    1/2 Ton VS 3/4 Ton Trucks for Four Wheel Camper Hawk model?

    I would opt for the 3/4 ton. Before the truck we have now the previous 3 were all 3/4. When shopping for the truck we have now, I wanted a hi-top, white, 350 small block, and 3/4 ton. Years ago the conversion van companies started using 1/2 ton chassis to cut down on costs. While shopping 3/4s...
  13. FlipperFla

    How many actually use 120VAC when off-grid?

    We run a 2KW pure sine wave inverter. Coffeemaker, micro, fridge, A/V system, chargers, basically just like when we are at home. 2 AGM group 31s, 180W solar, ACR with HD alt. and a 20A dual bank charger when plugged into shore power or a Yamaha 2K inverter/charger when boondocking.
  14. FlipperFla

    Alternatives to Dynamat?

    Post #8 any other questions let me know
  15. FlipperFla

    3-way mil-spec switch?

    You might want to check out marine switches. West or Defender catalogs.
  16. FlipperFla

    Mattress for van

    We used 3 sheets of 3” memory foam. Custom cut for exact fit, very confortable.
  17. FlipperFla

    CB Tuning: Bad SWR Meter, Bad Antenna, Bad CB?

    I agree with the above posts about checking the ground. I had a similar problem ( not with the meter not moving at all) but with the firestick. Cobra radio, workman SWR meter and RG8X cable and jumper cable for the meter. Good ground on the radio, and a gutter antenna mount which was screwed...
  18. FlipperFla

    KISS Remote Camping List

    Did that one last year but going up, came up from Durango on the San Juan Skyway to Telluride then to Ridgway on to Ouray then S on 550. Your right about that drive! Pretty scary sh*t when your a flatlander from Florida. lol
  19. FlipperFla

    Overwhelmed, need advice.

    Renogy panels an controllers have good reviews. Check out Hightec Solar and Renogy on EBay. Im going to upgrade to the Hightec 180W mono. Got really good reviews, free shipping , American made, 15 year warranty, 3 buss for low light conditions.