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    Defender 90 Adventure Truck

    2012 Land Rover Defender 90 2.2lt diesel. 240,000K's Full service history Steel bull bar with winch & synthetic rope Swing away tyre carrier Full draw system in the rear including 40lt Trailblazer fridge To many accessories to list, email or PM me for more images & full list of equipment on this...
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    1998 Canter 4x4 Single Cab

    Looking at a ex fire truck with very low K's & weighing up an older truck that will require money to be thrown at it over a brand new hi tech one. I cannot find much helpful information regarding specs on the net. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Dave
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    Building A Defender 90 Into An Expedition Truck

    Initially we purchased our 90 to tow our off road camper & for my wife to use as the daily drive. After a few trips away with the camper trailer we decided that the type of touring we do was never going to really work pulling a trailer & we could not afford to change the 4x4 to a larger type...
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    Legality Of Tyre Size

    With all the Policing regarding lifting of regular 4x4's will this flow onto the 4.5t+ trucks as well? Cheers Dave
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    Isuzu 75/155 Dead Battery

    A mate has owned a new 75/155 for about 9 months & so far he has had Isuzu Service out 3 time to replace the dead batteries. Is this a common fault with this vehicle? He has been advised to install an isolator for when the truck is not in service. Cheers Dave
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    Defender 90 Setup

    This is our Defender 90 fully setup for a double crossing of the Simpson Desert even though we are traveling in company each vehicle is fully self sufficient including fuel in our case.
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    Camper Trailer Axle Location!

    Im just about to start building a camper trailer , is there a formula used to work out the location of the axle position? Cheers David
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    Axle location

    Im just about to start building a camper trailer :Wow1:, is there a formula used to work out the location of the axle position? Cheers David
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    Chipping Isuzu's

    Just spoke to an owner of a 300 nps crew cab with a little work done on it, but the best add was a Steinbauer chip. The chip install has made the truck far more drivable in all conditions. With an increase from 153 to around 210hp The truck is used through the week as a work vehicle moving...
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    Rubicon Trail, Our Adventure!

    We finished the Rubicon Trail adventure. The Rubicon Trail has interesting history. 1886 A one way road was built over the Burton's Pass to Rubicon. 1888 Billy Lapham opened the Bellevue Resort at the Rubicon Springs River & rooms cost $2.50 per night. Some weekends they had up to 100 people...
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    Adobe Cs5

    Can anyone recommend a good book for Adobe Illustrator Cs5. Cheers David
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    dslr cam caddie

    Has anyone used a scorpion cam caddie? Is it worth spending the money? I have a big trail run to film & was thinking of adding one to my kit. Thanks for the info. Cheers David
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    High End Flatbed Scanner

    Im looking for a high end flatbed scanner that is Mac compatible. I have found a Canon Canoscan CS9000F. It will scan 35mm film strip, 35mm mounted slides & 120 format at 9600x9600 dpi. Any info good or bad would be greatly appreciated Cheers David
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    First crossing of the Simpson Desert

    We have just completed our first crossing of the Simpson Desert, West to East, this trip has been completed by many Australian travelers, but few would have seen it as wet & green as it is at this time. The outback is finally over the 10+ year drought. We were away from home for 21days in total...
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    QLD Rego

    Could any of the qld members tell me the cost to register a 4.5Ton Canter & a 6Ton? I have never owned & had to register one, just trying to work out which way to go cost wise. Thanks David
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    Ex Mining Truck Purchase

    Hi Team, Looking at purchasing a 4x4 truck & found a few ex mining trucks for reasonable money, to me. Is ex mining or tour a bad track to go down or is it better to spend more money & buy new. Coming from a 4x4 Ute back ground I am very apprehensive when buying an older used 4x4. I have no...
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    My Ford Camper

    Hi All, New to the site & what a site it is! My camper is a tray top job, all alloy with a two pack finish to match the cab. The build has taken me 2 years and very close to having it working as it was designed, just returned from a 3 week trip into the heart of Oz for its first real shake down...