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  1. MuleShoer

    Frontrunner rack mount for pickup bed- just mount SOLD

    No rack included, this is new never used. Has bed rail slides and six legs to attach a rack or cross bars $100.00 shipped
  2. MuleShoer

    Frontrunner jerry can holder - verticle SOLD

    I mounted this on my swing out very heavy duty Vertical holder can not included new price $131.00 my price $80.00 shipped 1st I’ll take it gets it
  3. MuleShoer

    Frontrunner single fuel can holder- horizontal type. SOLD

    I have two for sale, price is for one, fuel can NOT included. new price $ 95.00 my price is $60.00 shipped for one 1st I’ll take it gets it
  4. MuleShoer

    Frontrunner rack RTT mount SOLD

    Used with slimline rack for mounting a roof top tent new price $62.00 my price $35.00 shipped 1st I’ll take it gets it
  5. MuleShoer

    Frontrunner Axe Bracket

    Used for mounting your axe to a slimline rack new price $74.00 my price $45.00 1st I’ll take it gets it
  6. MuleShoer

    Frontrunner Hi-Lift jack bracket SOLD

    Used for mounting hilift on slimline rack new cost $95.00 plus shippinh my price $55.00 shipped 1st i’ll take it gets it
  7. MuleShoer

    Frontrunner gear holding / side bracket mount..Maxtrax’s etc SOLD

    I used these for mounting maxtax‘s on the side of the slimline rack other recovery devices might fit please check website new cost is $123.00 plus shipping. my price is $75 shipped...thats less the half with shipping 1st post ill take it, gets it!
  8. MuleShoer

    Amalgamated wedge camper build

    Its best to start this post with background information that lead to this build. In late summer 2018 I was asked by Cummins to feature the Brute at SEMA at the same time I was preparing the truck for the baja 4xl rally. While driving back from new mexico I started kicking around the idea of a...
  9. MuleShoer

    Euro wedge camper on ram pickup

    this was originally posted over on the AEV forum
  10. MuleShoer

    Oregon hand saw for trees and limbs

    These are top of the line can be resharpened includes leather sheath i used it on my pack trips and trail work $60 shipping not included
  11. MuleShoer

    Sold. Alien base for hilift jack

    SOLD Never used sell for $200 new price $120 shipping not included
  12. MuleShoer

    SOLD. Arb premium recovery kit $300 shipped

    17,600lbs snatch strap 9,900lbs winch extension 26,000lbs tree trunk strap 19,800 snatch block 4.75T shackles damper gloves bag This is the premium recovery set, sells for $410 price $300 shipped CONUS
  13. MuleShoer

    Front Runner Slim line rack SOLD

    This is the slimline rack it measures 58” w X 69.5” L OR you can shorten it to 53.5” with extra side rails included. I bought longer siderails and extra planks to install it on a canopy. Picture shows full size the extra shorter rails are also shown. it includes 6 legs and slide rails ( these...
  14. MuleShoer

    Sold Near new FoxWing 2.1 eco 270 awning

    Installed but never deployed other then to test fit. Drivers side mount, regular size. The original mounts are still in the plastic bag unused as well as poles and tie downs i also have a set of fold down mounts for use on low mounted roof rack available. I used them on a front runner mount They...
  15. MuleShoer

    Sold Cook Partner camp stove, single burner w/griddle

    This was built for me by Partner. In excellent condition. the teflon griddle was also built by them and is a match to the stove includes propane hose and plastic case, will ship at buyer expense. Stove is 9 1/2” x 12”. Griddle is 8 1/2” x 11 1/2” $200 $200
  16. MuleShoer

    Delorme/Garmin InReach Explorer

    The original InReach Explorer. Don't leave home without one. This replaced my spot due poor support and what a difference . Can send message direct from device or pair to iphone, ipad. I have used this from canada to mexico to iceland and it was perfect. Im only selling to replace with new...
  17. MuleShoer

    Sold Garmin GPSMAP 64ST

    Purchased in late 2017 for SAR used once then put away. includes GPS 64ST, preloaded topo us 100k maps, usb cable $130 shipped CONUS
  18. MuleShoer

    Tundra bed storage system. 3rd generation truck

    The was fabricated for my 2019 tundra last spring. I had a cabinet maker help with the construction, 100% made from 3/4 maple ply, joints are glued and screwed. Exterior, all sides top and bottom is finished in a 2 part bed coating. Accuride Heavy duty draw sides used for fridge and large draw...
  19. MuleShoer

    BlueSea HD automatic charging SOLD

    This is new, i used a different solution. $150 shipped
  20. MuleShoer

    Skottle used once updated price

    I used it once but prfer my partner and a skillet It is not made by tembo No case, shipping not included $175 shipped