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    New spare tire bag final testing!

    Getting some final testing done on the tire bag. Both the tire bag and the ladder bag use all metal hardware, including racing harness buckles, 1 1/2" ratcheting system as a secondary retention strap. This thing does not move! Fastest, most secure mounting system out there. PVC vinyl fabric...
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    Custom made hitch mount swing out spare tire carrier on 2017 WK2

    Hello all, Just got my swing out tire carrier finished up and ready for powder coat! It was custom made by Detours Offroad and is fantastic! If your thinking about getting one I would definitely look into these. He custom makes each one, vehicle specific and mine came out great. Great fit and...
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    Rear ladder gear bag

    Hey all! Just wanted to share a few pictures of my rear ladder mount gear bag and see what you all think. I made the original one seen here in the photos for myself. I designed it as kind of a day pack if you will. There is a lot of times when my tire bag is just way to big for what I need or...