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    Exterior wiring through foam composite

    Hi all, Any ideas for wiring exterior items (eg lights) through foam composite panels? Are there long waterproof grommets? Something to stop the wires rubbing? Also if I fill with silicon how do I replace faulty parts when the wires run through the shell? Thanks for any ideas, Jim.
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    Drawer front material

    Hello all, I'm fitting out my truck camper and was wondering how to get a hard wearing finish on my drawer fronts and cabinets. I want white similar to the attached picture. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Jim Sent from my SM-T825 using Tapatalk
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    Building custom camper jack legs

    Hello all, I'm building a custom camper for my truck and I'm looking to build legs from structural aluminium. I'll get an engineer to verify the load and buckle capacity. My question is how to wind up the leg? How much weight can a threaded rod lift? Are there other methods to extend a...