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    Corned Beef Hash

    Canned CBH! Best stuff ever... IF you cover it with Franks Hot Sauce like it were ketchup!
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    Ham Radio Study guide and test sites

    ARRL has everything you actually need to get a ham license. Exams are only given in person and they provide a guide to local ham radio clubs who administer the exams. I found this website incredibly helpful in prepping for the exam. It has a small fee, but uses adaptive...
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    Question on your Australian travels - Vehicle selection and what to do?

    Well... since no one has answered... I did about 5,000 km “back of Burke” in a rented 2wd Toyota camper van back in 2012. Took it a lot of places neither Toyota or the rental agency ever intended it to go. Of the three options you present, what I saw the Aussies using most were diesel Nissan...
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    Unless it violates the rules, can you post a link to her website?
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    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    Saw some of the Maltec Land Cruiser camper conversions at Expo West. They are wicked cool, very much alive and well and available for sale. They also had a VERY cool 70 series diesel available. Get in touch with Land Cruiser Phil and he can hook you up.