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    1222 AF manuals?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find operators, service, shop...ANY manual for a 1222 AF fire truck. I have the manual for the OM421, but thats it. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Ryan
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    Cheap 4x6 trailer for Expo build?

    This would be a good start for a camping trailer build: 4'X6' enclosed trailer, sliding floor to easily remove cargo. with four built in tracks which allows the floor to easily pull out. we have used it on vacation, it is very easy to get...
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    WTB: 1999-2000 3rd Gen 4Runner in the PNW

    Hello! I'm hunting for a nice 1999 or 2000 4runner. Must have locking rear diff, and be Automatic. I'd prefer under 200k, but will consider anything that matches. Stock is fine, and a proper maintenance history/upkeep is a must. (No projects) Non-smoking. I've been looking in the $5-6k range...
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    Nice Taco with Tent in Portland, OR

    Not mine. 2004 Toyota tacoma xtra cab trd offeroad with low miles, this truck is ready for adventure. Comes equipped with toyotas electric rear locker, 3inch lift for clearance, rear leaf springs are all-pro off road expedition to handle...
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    Cheap 4x4 Ambulance in Portland. "Ford, 1984 E-350 4X4 ambulance conversion. 460 engine, C-6 transmission, Dana 60 differentials, Warn hubs, Manual transfer case, Power steering, Dual gas tanks, Dual Batteries w/isolator, A/C front & rear, Very straight, Good Toyo tires...
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    2001 Ford E350 Quigley 4x4 with box, 7.3 Diesel

    Neat base for a camper, and decently priced it seems! ------------------------------ "E350 Super Duty van that was converted into a FedEx box truck. Most recently used as a work rig by my father and then myself. The 4x4 conversion was done...
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    Cheap Alaskan Camper in WA "1965 Alaskan pop-top camper 10', has working propane stove & refrigerator. No leaks, in good condition for it's age. I just used it this last fall for a hunting trip. It is missing the jacks which make it a little difficult to load but not...
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    Cool Quadcopter Gopro footage of Northwest Mogfest 2012!

    I shot this with a DJI Flamewheel F330 and HD Gopro at 720p 60FPS. Lots of neat footage of Unimogs, Haflingers, Land Rovers and the like! Enjoy! Ryan
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    1972 Mercedes 0309D Omnibus Van project in Beaverton, Oregon

    Hi folks, I dont really want to sell it, or even need to, but I have my eyes on another prize! Here's the build thread so far: OM314 Diesel, 5 speed tranny w/ granny gear, dually rear. Windows...
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    Cool and Rare K5 Camper on CL!

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    Camper Wall material? Floor material?

    Hi folks, I'm redoing a Mercedes bus interior and wanted to know what some popular option would be for interior insulation and wall material. The current Sprinter has this setup: Walls: (some kind of light corrugated plastic) Floor: (thick and hard) I was thinking I could go to a...
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    New Toy: 1972 Mercedes 0 309 Omnibus

    Just picked this up: - OM314 4cyl Diesel, 4 speed. Needs some minor clutch work, a seat, a couple tires at some point and some awesome Euro paint. It was a bus with windows but they were removed and sheet bolted over the holes. It's empty in the back, ready for a camper conversion or...
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    Overcome by Overland...Slow Expo Dodge Ram 2007 Build!

    I can no longer resist the urge to begin Expo'ing my Dodge. It's like some horrible wonderful virus that consumes my thoughts! Anyhow, I'll be starting slow and mild, but I wanted to track my progress with an official thread. Here's what I'm planning: (It's a 5.9 2500 6 Speed, 44k miles.) -...
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    Is this Norcold a good deal?

    Hi folks, He/She doesnt give much info: Thoughts? Thanks! ryan