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  1. Tliska10

    2003 Montero limited built for overlanding
  2. Tliska10

    2nd times a charm build thread

    Well time is up , I just posted my 3rd gen for sale
  3. Tliska10

    3rd gen towing help

    I just purchased the trailer, unfortunately the Montero wack tow hitch would not allow me to hook up the cables to it, so the person was nice of nuff to tow it home to me.
  4. Tliska10

    3rd gen towing help

    I'm been back and forth if I should sell the Montero and get a truck, but I really like the Montero, I only need the brake light kit and a brake controller and I should be fine
  5. Tliska10

    3rd gen towing help

    I've been thinking of buying a truck for towing lately,not sure if the Montero can handle the heavy towing
  6. Tliska10

    3rd gen towing help

    Awesome info everyone, I appreciate everything, Is there a harness for the brake controller? Here is the stats on my trailer Dry Weight 2,965 lbs. Payload Capacity 1,435 lbs. GVWR 4,400 lbs. Hitch Weight 395 lbs.
  7. Tliska10

    3rd gen towing help

    None at all
  8. Tliska10

    3rd gen towing help

    Thank you so much, what brand brake trailer kit did you get and is it easy to install? This is all new to me but this I fo is great, thank you
  9. Tliska10

    3rd gen towing help

    So I'm ready to purchase a pop up trailer, I have a trailer hitch on my Montero right now but, I don't know the brand, It also has no light hook up or anything. So the trailer I'm looking at is gross weight 4300lbs Will the 3rd gen be okay to tow that much weight? Where can I purchase a...
  10. Tliska10

    Monty the 3rd Gen Montero

    Still Loving this build, rid is coming together nicely
  11. Tliska10

    So you want to put King shocks on a Third Gen Montero...

    Wow awesome review so far,and a nice setup, hopefully you'll be selling your old setup? I have one med and need heavy springs, and would like to get some Bilstein shocks. Can't wait for the update
  12. Tliska10

    Recommended Indy Shops for Monteros in Los Angeles area?

    Miyaki Motorsports Owner has a lifted Montero and does great work
  13. Tliska10

    Gen 3 resonator?

    I removed the oem muffler for a MagnaFlow and left the stock resonator and it sounds awesome still quite but you can hear a difference and more room underneath the truck
  14. Tliska10

    Montero video I out together

    Ya it's a great awning
  15. Tliska10

    Montero video I out together

    Nothing crazy gonna start doing little YouTube video on my montero etc. Hope you guys like , tell me what you want to see
  16. Tliska10

    Strength of Gen 3 stock spare tire mount

    I'll be definitely interested in that
  17. Tliska10

    Alternator woes on a 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited

    Was this for a 3rd gen?
  18. Tliska10

    Arb front bumper 3rd gen

    Ya that's what I'm feeling, I got all add skids, rocke sliders, I can only imagine the front bumper on the med springs
  19. Tliska10

    Arb front bumper 3rd gen

    On my last family trip I had super bad sag with the ome med , when we just loaded up the rig so that was my main issue, I can only imagine when I throw a heavy front bumper up front, I mainly do small trails not hard core but still
  20. Tliska10

    Arb front bumper 3rd gen

    Nice , I have med springs all around just worried it's gonna sag alot