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    Snowpeak Home & Camp Burner

    Snow peak has come out with a new to me camp stove. The Home & Camp burner seems to pack small and set up quickly. I have one on order and will test it out. Hopefully it has nice simmer control and high full blast heat. Price = $109...
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    Diesel Gladiator with a Manual!!! Is it coming 2020?

    I just finished listening to Matt Scott and Scott Brady talk about how the Gladiator is the perfect Overland Platform. What caught my attention was during the last 50 seconds. Matt mentions that in 2020 this platform would be available with a manual and diesel. Maybe my hopes are high and he...
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    Bush Company Awning

    Anyone have experience with this awning from Bush Company? They make the Alpha RTT.
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    Heated Blankets

    Are there any backcountry worthy heated blankets. Looking for low amp draw. Auto shutoff based on time. Rumpl had one, but it seems to no longer be available. Sierra Madre has the Hot Pocket, but it's not that big. I'm looking for something similar in size to the single person rumble...
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    JT Gladiator and Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Do we have any knowledge or rumors on the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper for the Jeep JT Gladitor?
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    Bush Company Alpha RTT

    Looks like there is a new tent out there similar to Alu-Cab, but with some interesting tweaks. Anyone see this in person and able to compare it to Alu-Cab?
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    Project M: Four Wheel Campers

    Looks like Four Wheel Campers is coming out with a new model called the Project M. This makes sense since the market is moving towards lightweight shells that allow users to customize as needed. General thoughts from the group? How will this fair...
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    Warn VR Evo

    What are the general thoughts on the new Warn VR Evo? The price point is nice. Is this basically an overseas assembled Warn Zeon?
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    RedArc Manager30

    Since the home page has an article about the RedArc Manager30, I thought we should start a thread about it. Anyone running this unit?
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    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    This thread will be used to document my impressions of Automhome USA, the Columbus Variant, installation on an LJ, and its subsequent use. After my brother and I spent many hours over multiple days visiting the Autohome booth asking questions and examining the companies offerings, we both...
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    Locking Latch Pin Toggle Part Number: help needed

    Does anyone know what these are called? Or know the part number for them from McMaster Carr?
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    Eezi Awn Cube

    Anyone have an Eezi Awn Cube? Looking for first hand experience. Eezi-Awn K9 Cube - Eezi-Awn EEZI AWN Cube is a light weight cubical that is easy to roll in and out and is protected from the elements in a bag alongside the vehicle. It sets up...
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    GMRS Antenna Options

    I just got a Midland MXT275 GMRS radio. Of course I want to get the best antenna I can that will fit where I need to mount it. In looking at various options for GMRS it seems they all have the NMO mounts. Are there any that have UHF mounts?
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    Easter Jeep Concepts: The Wayout

    Ok, all the concepts are awesome, but that Wayout is incredible. Of course we’re going to start with the Wayout, how could we not? According to FCA it’s a “ true overlanding vehicle that takes...
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    CoPilot for offline turn by turn navigation

    Does anyone use CoPilot for offline turn by turn navigation while on road? When I'm away from any cellular is when it seems I'd like to have turn by turn navigation the most. CoPilot seems to do that, but have the trial period, it looks like you have to pay for it unlike NavMii. Even though I...
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    NavMii for offline turn by turn navigation

    Does anyone use NavMii for offline turn by turn navigation while on road? When I'm away from any cellular is when it seems I'd like to have turn by turn navigation the most. NavMii seems to do that and so far it is free. Even though I have tried it locally while in Airport mode with some...
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    Dyneema: prestretched and heat set

    Does anyone have a source for the dyneema that is prestretched and heat set? I hear it has better properties than standard SK75/78. Trying to find sources, reviews, information....etc, but zero luck.
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    Spare Tire Ladder Steps

    The only spare tire steps accessory that I have found in the US seems to be the Front Runner. Even though it seems quite nice, I'm wondering what else is out there. It is always nice to compare before laying down money. If you know of one, or even built your own please post up. Also, I'd...
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    FrontRunner Rack Measurements

    Could someone with a FrontRunner rack measure the distance from the cross slats to the top of the perimeter extrusion? It looks to be about an inch or so, but I cannot tell from the pics.
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    WTB: Autohome Columbus Variant Small

    I am looking for a Columbus Variant in Small. If anyone is selling or knows of one for sale, please message me. Maggiolina Automhome