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    HELP! 22R Oil Priming

    Little history to start out. 1982 Toyota 4x4 22r. Just got done completely re-building my 22r engine. New pistons 20 over, new bearings, completely re-built head. I'm having problems priming the engine before start up. So far I've pulled the plugs and coil wire and cranked it over with the...
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    Duel fuel- Gasoline & Propane

    Lately i'v been looking into converting my 22r to propane, but that might not be the best bet for a D.D. Been looking at " Got Propanes" web sit and saw the duel fuel kit, but the price seems a bit high. I was wondering if any one has any info on propane parts for the 22r. From what I gather...
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    1982 Toyota Pickup

    My new to me 1982 Toyota Pickup SR5. It is all stock with a 22r and currently is sitting on little 235/75R15's. Future plans are a complete engine rebuild (currently it has 280,000 miles and really bad compression). After that going to put some 235/85R16's on it and eventually some new paint on...
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    First Gen Toyota 4x4 Pickup-22r Question

    I have a chance to buy a 1982 Toyota pickup with little to no rust, straight as an arrow body and immaculate interior. Only issue I have is the 22r in it is dead. The early 4x4 Toyota pickups with the 22r had round intake ports, double roller timing chain and a different deck height than the...
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    1st gen 4runner replacement leaf springs

    Does anyone have any information or pictures of what leaf springs they have use to replace their stock 1st gen 4runner leaf springs. Also does anyone have any information /pictures of what NWOR (North West Off Road) part # N73250-4R leaf springs look like or how they are. Any input on what...
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    How many miles on your Samurai?

    Can't argue that Suzuki did a great job with the Samurai, but how many miles do the little 1.3L engines go for? We all know the reliability of Toyota's engines so where does the Samurai stand. Let's hear about how many miles you've gotten out of your Samurai.