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  1. expoxj

    I'm back! XJ is gone but back with a WK CRD

    I'll get some pics up soon, but picked up a steel blue metallic 07 CRD with 82k on it couple weeks ago. Made it a day before I did a scan guage and moved my Yakima basket over from my old vehicross. Then a week to get the Rock Road lift installed, and rubicon Moabs and KMs on it. Hoping to get...
  2. expoxj

    Is there a vin decoder to tell me if an LR3 has the hd package?

    I'm looking at getting an LR3 in the near future and unfortunately I have no Rover dealers near me, nor do I want to call and have them run vins every 5 mins as I'm looking at different lr3s. So what I was wondering is if anyone knows of any easy way to tell from just the vin. I've seen a post...
  3. expoxj

    2006 Rubicon 6 speed!

    Black on black softop, Jeep seat covers, all stock, 56k. $21000. Bentonville, Arkansas. 479-301-4058.
  4. expoxj

    Jeep XJ front skid plate New never installed. Works good on protecting the steering on lower lifts. $80 plus shipping.
  5. expoxj

    New Danny MacAskill video This guy is amazing!! Trials just blows my mind...
  6. expoxj

    4 national parks in 10 days

    This has been long, long overdue. Last November Robertdarin, Tacomedic, and me made a trip all over moab and Colorado. Here is some pics and a account of the trip. Our plan was to leave arkansas traveling on as many 2 lane roads as possible to reach moab by way of Great Sand dunes national park...
  7. expoxj

    Goodyear wrangler duratrac Looks like another one of the new At/mt tires that are out this year. This one is available in load range c at 45 pounds which is great for the lighter rigs like mine. Its also...
  8. expoxj

    xj winch bumper

    ebay bumper I've had a few people ask where I got my bumper...And honestly I bought it from ebay. Here is the link to the same guy. The welds are a little messy. Seems like they didn't get cleaned up after he did them, and it only mounts to the factory bumper mounts, but it looks great on and...
  9. expoxj

    Swiss army vehicles

    These guys are right down the street from me. Not affiliated...but I do drool a little everytime I pass by. Sorry if a repost. I didn't know exactly where to post it since they sell parts and vehicles.
  10. expoxj

    TJM bull bars

    Now at rusty's offroad. Looks like they bought some of the bulk left in the states. Good prices.
  11. expoxj

    Moab Utah from Arkansas by way of colorado, mid november 08

    Ok so 1 day on the road, No real problems, Nothing really to speak of. Just wanted to start a thread to be ready for the pics coming later. Stopped in Guymon Ok...Not much to see.
  12. expoxj

    Jeep ecco wheels

    I've got a set of 5 jeep ecco wheels off of a 98 cherokee. Bald tires on them. Located in Fayetteville Arkansas. $100
  13. expoxj

    Lost at byrds

    You know its going to be a good day when you show up at the offroad park and they are out of maps....just some random shots of the day off a friends iphone.