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  1. chilliwak

    My `89 Suburban

    Mr Northman. any news? Cheers, Chilli... 😎
  2. chilliwak

    Dirtdobber's 03 Suburban 1500

    Nice pics Mr Dirt. Looks like you are having fun. Cheers, Chilli... 😎
  3. chilliwak

    Buck. A return to pre-emissions diesel life...

    Wow nice looking truck Mr Redthies. Is that a gasser or a diesel truck? Looks pretty cherry. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the truck. Cheers, Chilli..😎
  4. chilliwak

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    I then went to replacing with this.... quality canadian suspension... with military wrap... with custom built sleeve adapterrs to convert 2.5 inch springs to 3 inch Dana 60 perches.... and dual Fox shocks with custom built mounts and complete rebuilt front axel with new brakes...
  5. chilliwak

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Earlier someone was wanting more detailed info on the front suspension of my 94 Yukon.... Removed this... and this... and this... with rear spring shackels that were rubbing against the frame and seised... and a drive shaft that was siesed... and this cracked front rotor...
  6. chilliwak

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Ya it actually looks a lot worse than it is. The passenger door and fender need to be replaced as does the hood. Also I am going to need new cab rubber bushings. Yes I flipped it on its side but got a buddy to right it up and I drove it home. I am going to need to do some repairs this summer..... 😎
  7. chilliwak

    My Overlance Build Thread

    This has to be one of the coolest rigs I have seen in a long time Mr Overlance. I look forward to seeing what you do with this cool Chevy. Please keep us updated with pics and descriptions of what you do. Can one ask what you payed for such a cool truck? I could see myself in a rig like that...
  8. chilliwak

    Tour de Canada part deux

    It seems that I am close to some... big mounds..... 😎
  9. chilliwak

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Opps it looks like we have some.... crunch.. and carnage... Looks like I will be busy fixing er up this summer.... 😎
  10. chilliwak

    Bailey's 2009 GMC Savana 2500 | Camper Van Build

    Tell me a little about that roof vent. Is it solar powered or something? How much air can it move. Price and link to supplyer? Your van looks cool, Cheers, Chilli... 😎
  11. chilliwak

    What can you tell me about the Chevy Avalanche?

    Long time since I have seen any posts from you Henry. Nice truck. Cheers, Chilli.. 😎
  12. chilliwak

    1998 Chevy Suburban High Top Camper Conversion.

    Cool looking conversion Mr Gcollin. I like how you just thought it up and then put your plan into action. Looks way cool and functional. The only question I have is if the bodywork around the second doors is firm enough now that you have removed most of the roof. Do you see any movement when you...
  13. chilliwak

    Dirtdobber's 03 Suburban 1500

    Cool looking pics Mr Dirt. Thanks for posting up. Cheers, Chilli... 😎
  14. chilliwak

    Building a work truck ( slowly)

    I like your `Burb´Mr Warwagon. Seems like you have come a long way in a short time. Keep us updated with your progress. Cheers, Chilli...😎
  15. chilliwak

    LMTV with only 2,000 miles

    Wow this thing looks so awesome! Cheers, Chilli... 😎
  16. chilliwak

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Lots of crazy stuff my friend. Stay tuned for more. Cheers, Chilli... 😎
  17. chilliwak

    My `89 Suburban

    Welcome back Mr Northman. Post some pics of your fine Burb so we can all relive your fine build. Cheers Chilli..😎
  18. chilliwak

    Tour de Canada part deux

    We are just out here.... having a good time.... 😎
  19. chilliwak

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Back in the old days of bondo... and barbeque... Cheers, Chilli... 😎
  20. chilliwak

    My 96 S10 Blazer Backcountry rig

    I am looking forward to seeing pics of your new truck. Cheers, Chilli... 😎