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  1. Dan Grec

    FS: Canon 60D DSLR Camera + 2 lenses + TONS of extras. $550 inc. shipping

    Hi All, I'm selling my Canon 60D DSLR with 2 lenses and a TON of extras. I'm not interested in separating. This camera has been absolutely brilliant, I'm only upgrading because I want to print my shots and I need to go full-frame. Every photo in every article I've had in Overland Journal (4...
  2. Dan Grec

    NEW Truck-lite LED Headlights for JK Wrangler (Rigid Industries)

    Hi All, I have brand new, un-opened Truck-lite / Rigid Industries heated LED replacement 7 inch headlights made specifically for the JK (07-18) Wrangler. These come with the required anti-flicker harness so they are plug and play, they take 5 minutes to install, and make a world of difference...
  3. Dan Grec

    Full JL Specs released Tons of new info and confirmations. A few things I found interesting: The 3.0 diesel is real, with 260 hp and 442 ft-lbs! Unfortunately, it only comes in the 4-door and only with...
  4. Dan Grec

    Question for those with Mopar Winter Wheels on a JK

    Hi all, What size tire are you running on the Mopar steel winter wheels without wheel spacers? 10.5 has been great, which is around 265. I am wondering if 285/70/17 will fit without rubbing. Thanks! -Dan
  5. Dan Grec

    HOW-TO: DIY Mount Maxtrax on AEV Rear Carrier with Hi-Lift mount

    Carrying Matrix on a JK Wrangler can be a challenge. We need them to be easily accessible and outside so they don't coat the interior in mud. Here's how I mounted mine onto my AEV Rear Tire Carrier using the AEV Hi-Lift / Pull Pall Mount. Essentially, they sit where the Pull Pall would...
  6. Dan Grec

    The Road Chose Me: Driving a Jeep Wrangler 80,000 miles around Africa for 2 years

    Hi Everyone, My name is Dan Grec, I previously drove my Jeep Wrangler from Alaska to Argentina. I blogged the entire way on my blog The Road Chose Me, and I had a thread here on Expo. After that adventure I sold my little Jeep and have been living and working in Whitehorse, Yukon. I've been...
  7. Dan Grec

    HOW-TO: DIY Drinking Water Tank, Pump and Filtration System

    Overland vehicles require a way to carry drinking water, preferably a minimum of 10 gallons, or more. Ideally, for International Overland Travel, they will also have a reliable way to filter and treat water to ensure purity and removal of bacteria when only water of questionable quality is...
  8. Dan Grec

    HOW-TO: DIY Tailgate Table Utensil/Tool Organizer

    The Trailgater Tailgate Table is one of my favorite additions to my Jeep for camping. I use it for three meals a day, and sometimes even as a workbench. My cutlery and small tools have been floating around in Tupperware containers taking up the limited storage space I have in the Jeep. I wanted...
  9. Dan Grec

    BFG Mud-Terrain 255/75r17 vs. BFG KO2 All-Terrain 34x10.5r17 Comparison

    Hi All, I spent a lot of time thinking about and researching wheel and tire choice for my upcoming Africa trip. When BFG came out with the KO2 All-Terrain in 34x10.5r17 I was extremely interested. I've always figured a slightly taller, but still skinny tire makes the most sense for long-term...
  10. Dan Grec

    Stock JK Rubicon Wheels (5). Mint. - $200 obo

    Hi All, I have a set of 5 stock Rubicon wheels from a 2011 for sale. No tires, no TPMS. These have less than 20k miles on them and were stored in a garage for 3 years. Absolutely mint condition - no rock rash or scratches anywhere. Asking $200 obo for all 5. Available for pickup in Prescott...
  11. Dan Grec

    1" wheel spacers for JK Wrangler

    Hi All, I have a set of 4 wheel spacers for the JK Wrangler. They measure exactly 1" thick. These were used on the Overland JK to run 35x12.5 tires on the Mopar Winter Wheels. They've been sitting outside so have a tiny bit of corrosion on one outside surface. You can see a photo of the...
  12. Dan Grec

    WTB: Front mud guards for JK Wrangler

    Hi All, I'm looking for a set of the stock front mud / splash guards for the JK Wrangler. I'm in Michigan for the next week, happy to pay postage from wherever. Please let me know with a PM or email dan at Thanks! -Dan
  13. Dan Grec

    HOW-TO: DIY Jeep Wrangler JK Hood Lock Install

    All Jeep Wranglers need a lock for the hood to stop prying fingers getting at the goodies in your engine bay. Bolt Locks make a lock specifically designed for the JK, and it uses your factory Jeep ignition key. It’s less than half the price of a competing locks, so it’s an easy choice. The Bolt...
  14. Dan Grec

    HOW-TO: DIY JK Wrangler Dual Isolated Batteries

    Isolated dual batteries are a must in any Overland vehicle. The setup looks complicated and difficult in photos, though it’s actually very simple. Having two batteries means one can be used only to start the vehicle (let’s call this battery the “Engine Battery”) and the other can be used for all...
  15. Dan Grec

    EJS Meetup

    Hi All, I've wondering if expo people get together for a meetup at EJS? Beer n wings, a campsite, I'm in for anything. -Dan
  16. Dan Grec

    Next Gen Wrangler will have diesel, hybrid and pickup

    Color be purple, it looks like it's actually been confirmed in the business plan update I do note it doesn't explicitly state the diesel or hybrid will be available in...
  17. Dan Grec

    2007 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 3.0 Mercedes Turbo Diesel - Engine damage - $15k obo

    Hi All, I'm selling my recently converted 2007 JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with engine damage. I will be as detailed here as I possibly can be. I have sunk an enormous amount of time and money into this, and now there is engine damage I must walk away. It breaks my heart, but my loss is your...
  18. Dan Grec

    HOW-TO: DIY JK Wrangler Breather Hose Extensions for $30

    Extending the breather hoses on the JK Wrangler is great insurance – I want my Jeep to be capable of deep water crossings without worrying about replacing all my fluids soon after. In remote Africa, that likely won't be an option. I'd much rather DIY it than buy an expensive kit, the...
  19. Dan Grec

    FS: AEV Procal NEW sealed in box. $130 shipped

    Hi all, I've got a brand new sealed in box AEV Procal for the JK Wrangler. It shipped from AEV this week, so it's the latest and greatest. New it's $170+ shipping. I'm asking $130 shipped to the lower 48. -Dan
  20. Dan Grec

    HOW-TO: DIY Kill Switch for JK Wrangler

    A hidden kill switch is great theft deterrence - even if someone manages to get your keys, they still won’t be able to start the Jeep. It’s an easy DIY on the cheap, total time is something like 30 - 45 minutes. Things to buy A small momentary switch like this: Momentary car push button...