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    Tongue Box Ideas for 1/4 Ton Military Trailers

    Ive got the larger hf box on my m101a2. Nice box but need to seal up the lower corners. don't have the parking brake issue on mine. Just make sure you lengthen the tongue enough to be able to do what you need with the tow vehicle. Mine is long enough to swing the gate with no issues. Sign up...
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    SoDak's M101A2 build

    Looks great. I haven't stuck them up under there yet to play with location but that looks like a nice solution.
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    Welcome to the new DIY section

    could you please move mine over here when you get a chance...It's been inactive for a while.
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    SoDak's M101A2 build

    Well after a long hiatus, hope to soon be working on it again. I had forgotten but I had some 31" tall BAL jacks on my Amazon list, and my wife picked them up for me for xmas. Need to figure out how to mount. I use as a utility trailer a lot but haven't camped in over a year...Yeah I know...
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    JK Steering Upgrades

    Ruff stuff has all their stuff on sale right now. The aluminum drag link and tie rod are on sale for 20% off and the have one ton TRE's. You'd have to ream or drill for insterts but they are a hell of a deal right now. Didn't price the drag link, but the 1.5" aluminum tie rod is like $236 on...
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    JKU - RTT for 4?

    We occasionally go places where we don't want to take the tent. i.e. rockcrawling, off road parks, elk hunting, etc...., yet we still camp. It is just easy to leave it set up in those cases. If we go somewhere where we are moving a lot it goes on top of the jeep.
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    JKU - RTT for 4?

    Teraflex nebo works well too. I have a cvt mckinley. It is very large but still tight for 4 adults. The rack is fine though. That said i now run mine on a trailer most of the time. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
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    Parking brakes on a M101a1 -how to keep with axle swap?

    I went cheap although I kept all of the parking brake parts on the trailer. Eventually I'll go with the parking brake backing plate. You just have to do some mods to make sure you get all of the throws set correctly.
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    M1101 ?'s

    M101 is a good option. Especially for a JKU. Track width is much closer to the Jeep's and it is pretty easy to take a bunch of weight off. I have a build somewhere on here, several pages back. Haven't really had time to work on mine much lately due to other things going on. Haven't had it...
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    Trailer Brakes?

    Converted my M101 to electric. Still in progress, but got the 7 wire harness installed in the jeep and the Curt Spectrum knob mounted. Now just to hook up the module and rewire the trailer to actually hook the brakes up. Jeep handles it ok without but will sure be nice to get it all hooked up...
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    Really Big Adventure – M101A2 Build

    Ughh. I know on my Jeep there is a way to disable all the nannies with a switch. It is simply and interrupt in the traction control system. Don't know if there is some way to do that on a tundra. 4 low on the wranglers automatically disables the nannies, but in 4 high they are still turned...
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    5.29 w/35s, 1st Gen Tundra

    Can't speak to the tundra, but I run 4.56's with 35's on my JKU. It seems good but there are times I wish I had the 4.88's. don't know about your diffs, but for the jeeps (unless a rubicon) 5.12's are about as high as you can go due to the small pinion size you would end up running on the dana...
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    Trailer vs. Roof

    I do both, but predominantly do the trailer thing now. Different vehicle (2014 jku) but really prefer the trailer for all the reasons above. FWIW and I know you said it didn't matter to you, but my mileage is about the same for either option. My trailer is a bit heavier though (M101a2) but...
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    Tongue Box Mounting

    Nutzerts. Oops, just saw this was a 5 year old thread....Oh well, still relevant I guess. erts
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    agree with tatanka. As much as I love the timbren stuff, you can find parts for the good old dexter axle just about anywhere. (not saying I wouldn't do Timbren, just something to consider) Plus Dexters are a lot cheaper and it's not like you are riding in the trailer anyway. I set my trailer up...
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    Regear - 4.56 or 4.88 for overland JKU

    Exact same setup as you. I went with 4.56's, but in retrospect I should have done 4.88's. The 4.56's are fine but a little more grunt wouldn't hurt.
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    DIY trailer build tool question?

    chop saw 4.5" grinder Hobart gas mig. I have the one that will do 110/220. The 210 MVP. Nice to be able to just plug into a 110 socket for small jobs, but nice to have the horsepower as well. I have had a pro welder use it and his comments were it was really hot(a good thing). 1/4" impact is...