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  1. 39Ronin

    Mini Mud Pod

    Anyone in the US sell the Mudstuff products? I need a mini mud pod but I don't want the hassle of buying from England.
  2. 39Ronin

    Stainless steel bush guard with black light protection + stainless tire cover

    I have a stainless steel bush bar with headlight gaurds (black) and tire cover from my G for sale. Bush Bar and headlight gaurds $600 and tire cover $300
  3. 39Ronin

    Another great Youtube Vid
  4. 39Ronin

    CL Find: FUSO FG

    looks a little beat down but a decent price:
  5. 39Ronin

    Unique Cl find: WhuThe

    Unique Cl find: Wut The Not sure how practical it would be off road but I thought it was unique:
  6. 39Ronin

    Inspirational Video!

    I threw this up on Pointed three Forum and seemed to boost moral! Makes me want to go out and wheel!
  7. 39Ronin

    CL Find: Another FJ60 Expo rig.

    not mine,
  8. 39Ronin

    CL Find:Landcruiser FJ60 looks like a good expo rig

    not mine.
  9. 39Ronin

    CL Find: Unimog U500 under $60,000 Bargain!

    not mine, wish it was:
  10. 39Ronin

    CL Find: Defender 90 TD5

    Found this: Looks awesome!
  11. 39Ronin

    Another Nice 110 CL find near Vancouver

    Just thought I pass this one along, not mine but a nice 110. Too bad it is the gas guzzling V8 and not a diesel.
  12. 39Ronin

    CL Find: Beautiful Defender 110

    Not mine, just a CL find:
  13. 39Ronin

    Oregon / Washington Coastal Camping

    I'm heading to North West Mog Fest from Vancouver Canada, just wondering If anyone can share any their favorite camping spots along the Oregon coast north of Salem along the 101 including Washington state south of Seattle. I will be traveling with my 5 year old daughter and I will be tenting it...
  14. 39Ronin

    Turbo time update with Pics!

    So after driving the G for a couple of months I have decided to swap my 5cyl 3.0L N/A engine for the a Turbo'd 300D engine. I live in the mountain town of Squamish, BC which lies between Vancouver and the famous ski resort of Whistler. Although I am at a fairly low altitude I commute everyday...
  15. 39Ronin

    Just Playing around with the G today

    This the first time I have had the G off road other than gravel roads since I got it. So I was just getting to know her a bit better.
  16. 39Ronin

    Pop Up Tent, read before you laugh at me.

    I have a two little girls ages 5 years old and 18 months and we want to buy a tent to camp really close to home. We need a tent that can be set up quick and easy as I have a hard time watching the 18 month old while doing other tasks, she take offs really quick. Other parents will know what I...
  17. 39Ronin

    The G wagens cousin.

    Some funny naration on this video of the G wagens cousin. IFS looks pretty weak but still fun to watch.
  18. 39Ronin

    Trying to look up a U1300L on the EPC

    Trying to look up a Unimog on EPC, I have the 14 digit VIN but should there be a prefix like WDB? It is a U1300L and starts with 435 115 and I believe was a NATO MOG. I want the data card for it. Can anyone help?
  19. 39Ronin

    60 Serries Cheap CL find

    60 Series Cheap CL find Not mine, just a CL flind. BTW the price is in CDN $ so minus 25% for the excahnge to US.
  20. 39Ronin

    Quality of RTT's Fabric

    My question is to the various owners of roof top tents (RTT). I have never seen a RTT up close enough to touch, so I am wondering about the quality of the materials being used. I realize it differs from company to company but I really like high end camping tents made Mountain Hardwear ect.. How...