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  1. DoMiNiC1

    Volvo C304 (4x4) Restore and fitout - WR7002

    Holy carp, what an amazing build! Great job!
  2. DoMiNiC1

    The Frankenstein Build: 1996 Tacoma Long Travel/Expo/Trail Rig

    Epic thread! Epic build! Get that SC sorted!
  3. DoMiNiC1

    3.4 TRD Supercharger users?

    IMO, unless you need the extra power keep it stock and reliable. My .02
  4. DoMiNiC1

    Quad Cab DuraMax build

    Updating for fun, FJ has been rock solid! Added 3in lift, rock rails and pizza cutters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. DoMiNiC1

    Grouper's 07 FJC Build

    Love your truck, great inspiration to get my camping/overland setup more organized! You fit a lot in there!
  6. DoMiNiC1

    Tacoma tranny: 6spd vs. auto

    I have the 6 speed, 4.0 in my FJ and love it, it is full time 4-wheel drive though.. Not sure if it is the same gear box as the taco or not but I love my manual off road, low range crawls slow, no need to "power it out"... lol
  7. DoMiNiC1

    2011 FJ NSSE Army Green BUILD

    Love the build, and great pics, I am on a similar path, and this thread is making want to get out the CC and get a roof top tent ASAP.... But I will continue to save, soooon I will be off the ground. Did you do the body mount chop to run 295's?
  8. DoMiNiC1

    "Uh-Huh" Trail Teams FJ

    Love the lift, these are stock sized tires. Amazing lift for the trail, if you like bombing down gravel roads go for Icon, however for the average guy the toytec BOSS setup is perfect. Best bang for the buck around. sent from deez nutz
  9. DoMiNiC1

    Quad Cab DuraMax build

    Update for those that care. Im back... Sold the durkamax after putting it in the shop for ANOTHER stuck injector... this one with only a couple thousand miles, while it was covered by a warranty I was fresh out of patience.. Sold it and built a turbo mazda, running 22 psi with an e-85 blended...
  10. DoMiNiC1

    "Uh-Huh" Trail Teams FJ

    Congrats! Love the color, I have had my fj for the last 4 or 5 months and love it. I added the toytech boss lift with OME shocks in the back and am pining over what bumper to get at this time. How did the bumper change the ride? softer? Post some flexy pics. :elkgrin: sent from deez nutz
  11. DoMiNiC1

    Wavephf's American Hilux build thread

    Wow... This is an awesome truck, new meaning to "built not bought"! :elkgrin:
  12. DoMiNiC1

    New Project '78 GMC Jimmy

    More pics. Looks like the start of a great build!:victory:
  13. DoMiNiC1

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    This is my dream truck. Love it!
  14. DoMiNiC1

    1978 Ford Crew Cummins hunting rig

    I would say a front locker would be cool, but not something that you would need depending on how crazy the trails are that this will see. I would save money if its just a camping/hunting rig. My .02
  15. DoMiNiC1

    My Ford Excursion - Zombie Apocolypse/Expedition Vehicle

    I would want to do a couple things to a 6.0 before leaving the road, they don't exactly inspire confidence in their stock form... Not trying to piss on your snow cone, some of this may have been done... and if not its some thing you WILL want to do. watch this:coffee...
  16. DoMiNiC1

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Sweet baby Jesus.... That is Fing AWESOME! GREAT BUILD! :Wow1:
  17. DoMiNiC1

    1971 F 250 4X4 is Back Home

    I have some middle aged iron, but would love to check out this run. Any info? I am in Tempe, and would love to meet up with some fellow travelers.
  18. DoMiNiC1

    Crazy clean 12v

    If your in the southwest and looking for the perfect platform... :coffee: I would scoop this up if I could! While we are dreaming, I would get this parts truck. lol
  19. DoMiNiC1

    1976 Scout Traveler, Ultimate Expedition Build

    You have to take that to the Scottsdale Pavilions car show one sat night after its done! I want to see this beast. :elkgrin: