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  1. dsw4x4

    Woohoo Ecoboost and diesel Options for the new transit confirmed!!
  2. dsw4x4

    And a Über rare Dodge 4wd van with a camper treatment.

    Just received a fixed top with the upper bed and some wall and flooring. before After These vans have a cool stance when converted. I like the way you sit up and forward in them. Derek
  3. dsw4x4

    New one for the Astro lovers

    Started life as typical passenger astro. Finished with a pop top and a weekender style interior.
  4. dsw4x4

    Holy vanporn batman

    To say it lightly we have been and are super busy lately, so I snapped a few fun shots of my driveway. Some are done and ready to go some are half done and others are waiting their turn. One is armored one is brand new straight from the dealer three are 7.3 ps, three are 6.0 ps the rest are v8s...
  5. dsw4x4

    Got to play a little bit this weekend.

    Got in some single track today on the motorcycles and rode up on a very large bear, got to do some boating on grand lake sunday and saturday some wheeling. Important part of that sentence was saturday we went up to kelly flats in the poudre canyon and climbed heart attack hill in the vamper...
  6. dsw4x4

    CCV low profile pop top

    After a lot of headaches we finally finished a new low profile pop top available in both extended and regular body fords for all of the garageable van folks out there. The cushions are not in in yet but you get the idea. Derek
  7. dsw4x4

    A different 4x4 coach manufacture in the states.

    No one ever mentions these here on the forum but a friend of mine a has a dynamax dynaqwest st and he recently found out that they build them on a 4x4 chassis. It is the freight liner drive train and chassis and the coach is very high...
  8. dsw4x4

    Finally I got out to play! trail report.

    Work has been crazy and with a new baby boy in the house we were feeling the itch to get out and play and take Canyon our 7 week old baby on his first camping trip. So My mom and dad and some friends of ours that own the bigfoot monster trucks met us in Moab. I did not have time to prep either...
  9. dsw4x4

    ford e350 poptop build

    V10 e350 4x4 with a ccv pop top
  10. dsw4x4

    express van pop top

    It here, we have a new express mold and it turned out sharp!!
  11. dsw4x4

    A couple of new pop top vans

    ford e350 videos
  12. dsw4x4

    Snow trip bashin on friday

    We took vans a bronco and several jeeps wheeling up seven mile last friday. Snow was just right I slid off the trail busting through deep drifts in a off camber situation but with the help of a winch and several come alongs and a few shovels we had it back on the trail pretty quick. Then I let...
  13. dsw4x4

    coguzzi's E350 build

    Sorry mike I was slacking on posting your build and since I have a rockstar photo shoot of that van it should of been posted right away!!! Anyway here it is. e350 RB diesel 4wd All of typical bells and whistles led lighting, power top, remote operated, this one did get a new style flip and fold...
  14. dsw4x4

    CCV astro van!!

    This has to be some kind of record. The client dropped of a bone stock Astro van on tues the 4th at 9am and I delivered it today the 9th. Who says 18hr days don't pay off!! Anyway here are some shots of it. First thing is first you wack the roof off! mock up a few cabinets and new rear seats...
  15. dsw4x4

    New ccv build!!

    I have not posted on here in a while so I figured I would post a van I delivered last week. This one got the full treatment 4wd, poptop, kitchen, sink, stove, furnace, two house batteries, solar, flip up upper bed, triple wall insulated canvas, led lighting, two fridge and custom interior...
  16. dsw4x4

    Rare dormobile vw for sale

    Stumbled on to this today pretty cool old van.
  17. dsw4x4

    westy guys!!

    Found this on cl seems like a good deal for someone wanting a top to convert on to their van for cheap
  18. dsw4x4

    Not a van but I thought I would share it anyway.

    7.3 excursion scratch built pop top job I am wrapping up!! one of a kind for sure.
  19. dsw4x4


    Here is a teaser shot of my new quigly suspension system more to come later. So far it has been performing well launches nicely and scares the crap out of hunters in the forest behind the house when I am busting down the trails doing 40 catching air. More details and maybe some trail time video...
  20. dsw4x4

    New shop van!!

    Okay it may be a little early to post but I picked up a van yesterday that is going to be used as a my shop van to haul material. I have had this 4bt cummins diesel sitting on the shelf for about four years waiting for the perfect chassis to put it in. I have finally found it. It is a 1973...