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  1. Happy_Camper

    Hi ! — Want To Buy -- Four Wheel Camper (Fleet or Hawk) Flatbed

    These FWC are not cheap. They are made well and hold their value. It would be great to get a Used FWC Fleet or Hawk flatbed. The odds of finding one are slim because there are far less flatbed campers out there but It’s worth a shot. If you’re considering or know someone considering it please...
  2. Happy_Camper

    Which Global Overland 4x4 Truck is Best for a FWC Hawk Flatbed?

    Which Global Overland 4x4 Truck is the Best for a Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed? We are planning a multi-year, round the world overland journey and looking to buy our rig. :D After much research and visiting FWC Dealers and touching and feeling each model, we’ve decided the Hawk Flatbed...
  3. Happy_Camper

    Help: 80 Series Flatbed Build Out?

    Hi all - Exploring the possibility of using this FJ80 Ute for a flatbed camper (possibly FWC Hawk or Fleet). Is it possible to extend the length of the flatbed to accommodate the camper? I realize we will most likely be over the weight limit, and this idea is also pending whether or not FWC can...