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  1. WyoCherokee

    Bighorn Mountain Crawlers Summer Safari 2019 Come join us for a weekend of exploring the BigHorn Mountains of Northern Wyoming. It will be tons of fun. I will be trailgunning the hunt mountain loop in my XJ.
  2. WyoCherokee

    Average Garage Build Trailer.

    So here it is. I will never be able to afford a Turtle Back or Xventure, so i decided to build my own! I started with a little farm trailer i got for free. It had no VIN and No Title, so i had to go down that process, which here in Wyoming is a Royal Pain. Once a title, VIN and Registration was...
  3. WyoCherokee

    Taking the modification plunge timeline

    Well my build is sort of a "patience build". My rig serves as my daily driver, in addition to my exploration rig. I do have a 2nd vehicle that i can drive without issue as a DD status. Here in lies my 'fear' i guess you could call it. I have a laundry list of things to get done to the rig, that...
  4. WyoCherokee

    Project Patience. A 1990 MJ Comanche

    OK. I finally settled on a name. Project Patience. I tend to rush through projects, and not complete them exactly the way i want. But no more! MJ's are getting sparse, and i want this one done right. A purpose built DD / trail rig capable of Moab/Ouray/Mountain trails. A little background...I...
  5. WyoCherokee

    ISO: M416 or equivelant

    Needs to be in Rocky Mountain Area(Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana) 1,000 Max Budget. As long as it is structurally sound, i dont care about paint, accessories, etc.
  6. WyoCherokee

    Project Bird Hunter

    Well, im New here. Ill start with a quick Before and Current and will dive in to details later. The idea behind this build is to build a mobile bird hunting rig that can get me anywhere with my 2 dogs and all my gear and a buddy and still get me to work 80 round trip miles a day. 99 XJ Sport...