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  1. 4Rescue

    The Tundra Supertool

    That is just such a clean looking, classy Tundra... Not too over the top but just PERFECT looking on those wheels/tires. That is SUCH a great platform, great combo of size/capacity and "compactness" vs typical "full-size" pickups. Had I not gone the direction I did with my new rig I think a...
  2. 4Rescue

    Modern Farm Truck

    Man, I leave to fight fires for a few months and I come back to see you up to more amazing work... As always, this trucks a beauty and I think you know how I feel about your work in general mate. Top notch. Cheers Dave
  3. 4Rescue

    Toyopet Stout RK45 1962 Build

    SUBSCRIBED!!!! Can't WAIT to see what you build out of the Stout aye. I lvoe these trucks but they're so rare and many seem to not even know they exist. Cheers Dave
  4. 4Rescue

    another tire thread

    The new KO2's IF you can get them in a size you want (which right now is very hard to do as they're basically only select OEM replacement sizes and a few other odd-balls, not really Off-Road use sizes yet, certainly no 33x10.50's, and no 255/85's... ) are flat out amazing. I did a trip this...
  5. 4Rescue

    Old's Cool

    Well, mine's not the uber-popular 2nd Gen Pickup (nor is it "Expo white" hahahaha) but she's been to some of the greatest river put-ins in the country from the Middle Fork (we are, to the best of my knowledge the only people in recent history to put on at over 8.5ft on the Boundary Creek Gauge...
  6. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Awesome man, I will keep an eye open for her when I'm down there. Cheers Dave
  7. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Thanks mate, but I went and bought some 33x10.50 ATKO's. Cheers Dave
  8. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    LOL No worries man, I feel the same way... BFG is apparently more interested in selling OE and replacements for the silly F150's that will NEVER be taken off-road and they're leaving the actual USERS of their tires out in the dark. Stupid move IMO and they ought to leave the "poser bling truck"...
  9. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Cool, thanks for the info man, I was wondering if that's how it was set-up but I really hadn't looked into that aspect of the swap yet and didn't even realize it was a dual battery set-up until I got the HC but I'm just stoked that I'll have the basic physical set-up to run two batteries and...
  10. 4Rescue

    FJ40 Build thread - Hell's Kitchen

    I'm watching too mate, great work as usual... Always makes my jaw drop when I see the things you do with these rigs. Top shelf just like all the other trucks of yours I've seen and I look forward to seeing how you continue on the build. Cheers Dave
  11. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Well, this has been a wasted month.... After getting some Immunization update shots for my upcoming W-EMT re-cert class I came down with a wicked URI somehow and I've been sick as a dog for the last 3 weeks. Running a fever on and off and coughing up green stuff is... well it's NOT FUN. But I...
  12. 4Rescue

    fat bastard build thread

    Great thread man and good looking 80 aye. Happy trails. Cheers Dave
  13. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Good Eye aye, that is REALLY strange being 5-lug on a 70-series Ute (course with the market differences between models your head can spin trying to figure out what chassis/engine/etc. combo you have, it all depends on where it came from). My 75's (Ute an Troopy's) were all 6-lug but Aussie...
  14. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    UPDATE: 3/18/15 Truck/project is still very much alive (hate to be "that guy" who just starts something then drops out in case anyone is actually reading this)... As of 2 days ago I actually bought a super-clean/complete Half-cut (which I should have done straight off although for the $3500 I...
  15. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Hmmm man, I DO NOT KNOW, that sounds like a real interesting question/problem you've got aye... I'm wondering if it's not becasue you've got the early 2nd Gen where the 4Runner/trucks don't line up (and if the 2nd Gen 4Runner is different from the truck in more ways then I know). As far as...
  16. 4Rescue

    1987 Turbo SR5

    I was thinking the same thing!!! I lived right the trucks PO in Tigard until just recently. It's funny, there were a good number of 1st Gen 4Runners floating around that area (including mine) and quite a few more sitting in yards/garages I found over the years. Glad to see it go to a good...
  17. 4Rescue

    BudgetBuilder 4runner

    Welcome to the joys of the Toyota roll-down rear window!!!!! Sadly I don't have any specific answers for you (sorry) but if you go to he's got a BUNCH of tech and mod pages and lots of stuff about the rear window and the control-box (it's behind the driver in the wall next to the...
  18. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Well, it didn't take long to get an answer over on ToyotaDiesel, but it looks like I'm gonna be hunting down a 1KZ-TE flex-plate from a foreign source... UGH, this is so lame, we'd just built up some momentum and now I need another part. Hopefully we can get some other stuff done while I'm...
  19. 4Rescue

    Project "Snapping Turtle": 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Well I KNEW things were going too smoothly... Anyone know if there's any parts interchangeability for a FLEXPLATE in the 1KZ-TE with a US engine part#??? I'm apparently short the Flex-plate and I'm trying to figure out if I'm gonna have to order one from Japan 4x4 or if I can make say a 3VZ...