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  1. jh504

    AZ DPS Air Rescue Paramedic

    I figured since this forum has a large following from AZ I could maybe get some info about these guys. Is anyone familiar with DPS Air Rescue Paramedics as far as requirements, job description, and recruitment go? I have searched the DPS website but haven't come up with much. I thought I would...
  2. jh504

    The 3rd Gen Build

    Hey folks, I am continuing from my "rig lowering" thread and starting a build thread on my truck. I have decided to probably keep this one for a while so I will begin a proper build up. It is a 1995 Toyota Pickup with a 22re and a manual. It will be the base for a popup truck camper that I have...
  3. jh504

    Aussie Slide-In

    I came across this Australian based company building offroad slide-in camper's. They look very durable and I like the hinged roof. I am a big fan of keeping it simple and it seems like this setup would work well offroad and...
  4. jh504

    Lowering my new rig for offroad travel

    I picked up a new to me Toyota last night. It is a '95 Pickup that I plan on using with a Four Wheel Camper. The truck has been maintained pretty well and it has been built right. Unfortunately it just wasnt built for my specific needs. It has a 6" suspension lift and a 3" body lift with...
  5. jh504

    WTB Coleman Colorado

    I am looking for a Coleman Colorado camper or similar. If you have one, or you know of one, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. jh504

    Aerial Photography

    Anyone here using RC setups for aerial photography? I have been kicking around the idea for a while and I am thinking of diving into it. I would like to hear from anyone with experience what kind of setup they are using. Here is a video shot with a 7D on a heli platform. YouTube- Aerial video...
  7. jh504

    F/T Toyota FJ62

    I'm thinking of going from my 1988 FJ62 to an 80 series. I really love my 62 but I wouldnt mind the comfort of an 80. I am really looking for a trade on an FJ80 without having to go through selling and purchasing and all of that. My truck is in very good condition with only 117,XXX original...
  8. jh504

    Tundra Chinook

    No affiliation. Interesting chinook conversion.
  9. jh504

    Your First Toyota Experience

    I was looking at my driveway full of Toyotas the other day and started thinking about my first experience with Toyotas. It was the first memory I have of ever really longing after a certain car. I was probably 4 or 5 years old and I remember seeing a new early 80s Toyota truck with a rollbar and...
  10. jh504

    Heilite Tent Trailer

    No affiliation, just thought someone would be interested.
  11. jh504

    Warn MX6085 Rebuild

    I am tearing into a Warn MX 6085 that came on my Land Cruiser when I purchased it. It doesnt work and the free spool switch is stuck. If anyone has any advice I am all ears. I have never rebuilt a winch before. I'll post up pictures tomorrow.
  12. jh504

    Starting a SAR team?

    Hey folks, I am interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with Sheriff Dept based SAR teams. My County Dept has three dogs trained in human tracking and are the first ones called out in a lost person scenario. However there is no organized SAR team in the area. One of the Deputies and...
  13. jh504

    CE Winches

    Hey folks, I have a brand new Chicago Electric 8000 lb winch I bought off of a kid for a steal. I wasnt too sure about the quality but I was in 4wheelparts the other day and noticed the Milemarker winches. One of them was just like my CE winch. Everything was the same, the only thing different...
  14. jh504

    Finally my 1988 fj62

    I have always been a Toyota guy and have been trying to get my hands on an older Landcruiser for a while. I finally found the right deal and dropped some cash on an 88 fj62. The truck was a daily driver but was parked a few months back because it was replaced by a gas sipping Honda. The owner...
  15. jh504

    Pulling the trigger on a Zuk

    I am heading out tomorrow to pick up an 87 Samurai I found on craigslist. It has a SOA and stock axles and trans/tcase. The guy started to try and put a porsche 944 2.5L engine in it and it looks like he gave up. I dont know what all the engine is going to entail but I will probably just start...
  16. jh504

    Military Trailer Frame

    Does anyone know anything about these trailer frames? I assume they had some kind of generator or machinery on them at some point. Does anyone know the weight and size of these things? It looks like a great base for a camper build.
  17. jh504

    New to me F250

    Well, I posted a while back about plans for my Chevy 1500. After I passed up a brand new 26' FEMA camper (post formaldehyde) for a steal, I decided it might be time to upgrade to a 3/4 ton. My wife took a look inside the camper and fell in love. I just had no way of pulling it back to NC. So I...
  18. jh504

    TEMS Paramedic

    So, I finished my paramedic course with a lot of encouragement from folks here on the board. I have another question now for anyone who has experience with this topic. Has anyone here been through the 200 hour Tactical Emergency Medical Specialist program? I have looked at several tactical medic...
  19. jh504

    Silverado Slide-in

    I just purchased a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 reg cab long bed. My former rigs have been Jeeps and Toyotas so I have decided that I am going to take advantage of the 8' bed that I have available now. I am going to build a slide-in camper and outfit the rest of the truck to be a little more...
  20. jh504

    Chevy 1500 Questions

    I just bought a 2004 Chevy 1500 reg cab long bed. I purchased it from a government auction. Judging by the color and the brush scratches down the side I think it was either a NFS truck or Wildlife Resources. I am new to late model, domestic trucks, so I dont know much about this one. The front...