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  1. stevenmd

    Baby Glock

    Just needed someplace to "brag" about buying my first gun in over 20 years, that's all, nothing more. :wings: On the advice of my LEO friends about which gun to buy for CCW purposes, the Glock 26 was recommended to me. After much searching - and finding it a pretty difficult gun to source at a...
  2. stevenmd

    Land Rover Experience Tour Peru

    Pretty cool opportunity. Find out more information and to register:
  3. stevenmd

    Dropping a newer diesel into a 90 or 110

    Has anyone swapped out a tired 200/300tdi for a newer Cummins R2.8 in a 90/110 or even possibly a SIII? I know the Isuzu diesel has been a popular swap but I'm wondering about this R2.8... Also, if anyone has made the swap from manual to auto transmission? What were the results in regards to...
  4. stevenmd

    Cool Defender trip video

    Sorry is this was posted elsewhere:
  5. stevenmd

    Audi Q7 for overlanding?

    Anyone using an Audi Q7 for overlanding? I am debating on whether or not to keep our outright owned Q7 or snapping up an LR3. I know the LR3 will make a better overlanding vehicle but I'm wondering if I can make due with the Q7 until the new Defender comes to the US market in a few years. I'm...
  6. stevenmd

    7.3 vs. 6.0 vs. gas

    OK, I know this topic has been discussed many times here on ExPo, but is there really that big of a difference between the 7.3 and 6.0 diesels? In my search for either an Excursion or E350 van, I am having a difficult time finding a 7.3 engine with the rest of the vehicle in decent shape. I...
  7. stevenmd

    Boot recommendation

    I need a couple of boot recommendations. First, something for my kids. Nothing too expensive because they tend to outgrow items rapidly. Second, and more importantly, for my wife. She is a city-slicker so they need to really add to the experience of being outdoors, hiking, etc. Thanks!
  8. stevenmd

    Solex to Rochester

    Can someone please post up pics of the linkage I need to switch around so I can get this dang Rochester to work? Thanks!
  9. stevenmd

    "Readily available" tire size question

    Currently running 285/75R16's on the rangie. They need to be replaced soon. I am contemplating going a bit higher but I don't want to go wider. What readily available metric size is comparable to a 34" tire? The key words here are "readily available". I have used the tire size calculators...
  10. stevenmd

    Question of the year

    OK, not literally the question of the year and no, did not consider it is 12/31/09. 4x4 van, Suburban, or Excursion? The situation is this: we are a family of 7 - two adults and five kids (ranging in age from 1 year to 14 years old). I've been sort of h3ll bent on a SMB as they are simply...
  11. stevenmd


    How is a Quigley different from other 4x4 van options? I've looked at SMB's and at u-joint's conversion. All the Quigleys I have seen seem to lack height in their lift. Do height options exist for the Quigley? Are they as rugged as SMB and u-joint? I have been searching for the right van to...
  12. stevenmd

    Good replacement tire?

    I need to replace the 7.5x16 tyres that are on my 109. Any suggestions for a street tire, including size? Prefer cheap since these tires will mainly be used for around town. I have another set of rims with 235/85's MT's for fun time.:smiley_drive: Thanks!
  13. stevenmd

    Looking for info.

    Has anyone ever used one of these? Any feedback? Thanks!
  14. stevenmd

    H1N1 Vaccine

    Would you get the vaccine and why (yes or no)? The company I work for is giving it free to all our employees. I still on the fence whether or not to proceed with getting it myself. Opinions welcome but I would prefer some feedback based upon actual empirical data.:ylsmoke: Thanks!
  15. stevenmd

    Accommodating a large family - questions

    Before I met my wife I was a single dad with 3 boys. It seems like every weekend we loaded up the rover and headed out into the woods or hit a trail. Now that I am married with 2 more children, I find myself having to redo quite a few things. I only want to redo things once and do it right...
  16. stevenmd

    109 for sale

    Prefer any buyers to look at her in person as pictures do not do the good and bad justice. Selling her to finance another project that is more family oriented. Sad to see her go but life takes us in different directions.
  17. stevenmd

    100 Series TLC

    Educate me. I am looking for a DD/family trip (b/c I can sell a "trip" vs an "expedition" to my wife) type vehicle that meets the following criteria: 1 - able to hold 7 people 2 - decent mpg 3 - pull a small gear trailer with ease 4 - able to do mild to moderate trails 5 - 2" or 3" lift...
  18. stevenmd

    Blaspheme or Ode to History?

    My 109 had been resprayed red before leaving the UK and they did a horrible job. The previous colour was blue and I believe there might even be another colour underneath that. I have been contemplating a different colour as the red really does not appeal to me. I recall reading blogs where...
  19. stevenmd

    BAD Bags

    About a week ago I was sitting around the house, bored out of my skull. When that happens I usually end up buying some new piece of kit off the internet machine. I opened up the latest (2009) OJ Gear Issue and the BAD Bag caught my eye. With seven of us in the family, clothing storage is...
  20. stevenmd

    Latest acquisition

    Thought it might be time to post up about my latest acquisition. She/He is a 1974 RHD Series III 109" Station Wagon. Straight from the UK, even still has the plates, awaiting the CA plates. I'm taking my time naming her/him as I'm not sure I will stay with the red color.