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  1. dsw4x4

    Woohoo Ecoboost and diesel Options for the new transit confirmed!!

    There are two key factors in that article one is it is using the ecoboost and the other is a diesel. The diesel is obvious why thats cool but the ecoboost has it's own hidden agendas. This means it will most likely be using north american components that come in the f series trucks not the...
  2. dsw4x4

    Woohoo Ecoboost and diesel Options for the new transit confirmed!!
  3. dsw4x4

    "Jackur" 2003 Ford E350 Diesel 4X4 Build.

    Pretty cool, it is always cool to see other people thinking outside the box! Derek
  4. dsw4x4

    Duramax van 4x4 conversion?

    To my knowledge (but I could be wrong I am not chevy guy by any means) the express series vans did not come with a manual transmission. If it is anything like a ford van you will need to build the pedal and clutch assembly from scratch and pretty much everything will be custom. But yes I would...
  5. dsw4x4

    Duramax van 4x4 conversion?

    I am pretty sure Boulder off road has done some conversions on duramax's I have also seen Quigley's version. It is their typical conversion 5 link coils sprung dana 60 front axle. Like all quigley stuff pretty well thought out with a little tweaking can be a bullet proof set up that you can...
  6. dsw4x4

    And a Über rare Dodge 4wd van with a camper treatment.

    Just received a fixed top with the upper bed and some wall and flooring. before After These vans have a cool stance when converted. I like the way you sit up and forward in them. Derek
  7. dsw4x4

    New one for the Astro lovers

    Started life as typical passenger astro. Finished with a pop top and a weekender style interior.
  8. dsw4x4

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    My van pulling my new toy!! All of the sudden what once looked like a giant van looks like a car pulling a boat not a giant van. After I got it home I spent a weekend waxing on it and we went to Grand lake last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I am not sure how much the van enjoyed...
  9. dsw4x4

    CCV low profile pop top

    Here is another low profile top we recently did with some better pictures brand new 2012 van
  10. dsw4x4

    Holy vanporn batman

    The blue 73 econo is one of my personal vans it's on the waiting list for a total ground up build I have acquired all of the parts except the t-case. It will be getting dana 60s front and rear 4bt cummins "tuned and turned up" mated to a zf 5speed manual on either 33s or 35s. I currently have a...
  11. dsw4x4

    Holy vanporn batman

    The tld van is being built out on the inside and will be done today. coguzzi the fire is about 4 miles from the house but seems to be holding in this direction thanks to the wind it keeps running the other direction you can get a great view of it if you 4wheel to the top of storm mountain...
  12. dsw4x4

    Holy vanporn batman

    To say it lightly we have been and are super busy lately, so I snapped a few fun shots of my driveway. Some are done and ready to go some are half done and others are waiting their turn. One is armored one is brand new straight from the dealer three are 7.3 ps, three are 6.0 ps the rest are v8s...
  13. dsw4x4

    CCV low profile pop top

    YEs the first two sectioned panels can be removed and or stacked on the front or rear to allow more standing room when using the van for camping and not sleeping. The taller roof we offer the bed folds up in two sections on hinges but I could not fit that in the low profile top. Derek
  14. dsw4x4

    CCV low profile pop top

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. aksavanaman, you can put two hundred pounds on the roof and still pop the top with out unloading it. You can put more on it but you will need to remove it before popping the top. Codyy and gbail I pm'd you the info you asked for. Jdl335 I just need a couple...
  15. dsw4x4

    Got to play a little bit this weekend.

    Got in some single track today on the motorcycles and rode up on a very large bear, got to do some boating on grand lake sunday and saturday some wheeling. Important part of that sentence was saturday we went up to kelly flats in the poudre canyon and climbed heart attack hill in the vamper...
  16. dsw4x4

    CCV low profile pop top

    After a lot of headaches we finally finished a new low profile pop top available in both extended and regular body fords for all of the garageable van folks out there. The cushions are not in in yet but you get the idea. Derek
  17. dsw4x4

    Another E350 build thread

    Witt, cushions are finished I will bring them down tomorrow. Here is a quick video of it I shot before we left for your house with it. The battery went dead before I finished.
  18. dsw4x4

    UJOR Build Thread

    Bushwacker did not discontinue the sliding door flares you can still order them if you are having problems getting them let me know I can get them I did a set just a few weeks ago. Derek
  19. dsw4x4

    Finally I got out to play! trail report.

    Brett F, the snow pics are on La call pass just south out of town you go right past Ken's lake on geyser pass road just a few miles out of town. Thanks Funrover when are you going to swing by and say hi? Derek
  20. dsw4x4

    A different 4x4 coach manufacture in the states.

    Thanks for the responses, I am always to eager to hear input from people with real world experience. I have no experience in this kind of rig. I know that my friend really likes his although he did do some remodeling stuff on the interior because he was not happy with the layout but it was...