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  1. Alloy

    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Are the frames/trim rings aluminum or FRP?
  2. Alloy

    Tilting rooftop solar panels

    Check the angle of isolation for locations you expext to be at then check the max tilt angle of the mount. We're at 49 degree North. From Oct. to March our panels go up at 60-70 degrees. Nothing off the shelf worked and I wanted mounts that tilted 4 ways. A greater number of watts makes...
  3. Alloy

    Inverter problem. Input voltage too high...

    If the GFCI is tripping with and input of 14.4VDC it would seem to be a warranty issue. GFCI tests for leaking current. Increased voltage would cause a GFCI to trip if there was something funny with the GFCI or the wiring. The committee member is right in some aspect.....if the AC output of...
  4. Alloy

    Fuel Tank Options

    Nice install!
  5. Alloy

    Camper for the Cold

    Thanks .....spoke with Bigfoot about doing a factory tour. The 2500s have (not the 1500s) a winter package. Someone elese suggested Northern Lite. These are suppose to be "tested to" -20C
  6. Alloy

    Camper for the Cold

    Opening a vent works down to 15F. Below 15F the aluminum window frames pick up moisture faster than it can be vented or the dehumidifier removes it.
  7. Alloy

    Camper for the Cold

    Our 35' trailer provides allot of room to move around during the short winter days. We've done temps below 0F with everything (battery/ water system) working. At 20F the thermal transfer of the alum wall framing and windows becomes an issue....condensation then ice. There's allot of (see...
  8. Alloy

    Battery banks and RV windows, worth it?

    Here it is. It is 110VAC so we use a 600W (more $$ to spend) that only draws 0.5A of 12V on standby. All batteries suffer from the affects of cold and heat. While Lithium doesn't need venting (in winter) there is a good chance it will need...
  9. Alloy

    Battery banks and RV windows, worth it?

    Besides the great charge profile another advantage of Lithium is not having to vent (in winter) the batteries which makes a big difference if you go out in temps that fall below 34F. I use (so my screw-ups don't cost as much) 8-6V FLA (lead acid) that are vented (top&bottom right of pic)...
  10. Alloy

    Flashlights advice

    For a flashlight I use a Bosch GLIV18. Depending on the temp it last 8-10 hours on low and 4-5 on high. The 6Ah battery recharges in an hour...
  11. Alloy

    Flashlights advice

    ......and Lithium is best below freezing. I use Fenix ARB-L18 batteries with micro USB charging plug on each battery. Not cheap so I have to jump in the lake after my headlamp.
  12. Alloy

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    We did 5 days over New Years at 5F the We just did a trip at Manning Park. The 2,600W solar brought in 0.6 (cloud and no direct sun - see pic ) to 1.0Kw / day. Enought to keep the heat (55-60F day & 45F night) and lights on. On a bright day (no direct sun) I ran our (200W) dehimidifier off...
  13. Alloy

    Residential fridges

    You won't regret doing everything you can to conserve power.
  14. Alloy

    Victron Energy: Alternator/Solar Charging - LFP Battery System

    tilt it fwd just a little please.....
  15. Alloy

    Earthroamer: new tire/wheel/suspension

    Try searching the forum for Kelderman.
  16. Alloy

    Cell Booster

    We are using a 3 year old weBoost (haven't tried others). If the weBoost stick antennas doesn't pick up enough signal then I'll bring out our Yagi antenna (hose clamped to the ladder) along with an app called Network Cell Info Lite. Info on Yagi antennas...
  17. Alloy

    Lithium auxiliary battery and cold weather charging

    XPS is the best for flat panel RV applications because works at all temps and does not require aditional waterproofing. Paper/foil is used on Polyiso to prevent water from entering but water will enter the foam that is not protected.
  18. Alloy

    Lithium auxiliary battery and cold weather charging

    Isoboard isn't the best insulation for (below 40F) cold. Below 40F the gas inside each of the air pockets condenses.
  19. Alloy

    Folding hammock recommendations?

    Not sure if McLean has enough hang distace is enough for some (Warbonnet or Clark) hammocks. This is an option ....