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    How tall is too tall? And how long is too long for mild off road?

    Tired of sleeping on the ground. Have a little 4x6 cargo that I was going to out the stretch out to 8ft and make it a cargo camper with a kitchen in the back like a teardrop. I also have an interest in a larger cargo that I could put my motorcycle in and then use as a base camp. I ran across...
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    86 toyota 4Runner elocker 33's rebuilt. Atlanta area

    Including a ton of spare parts. I was building it for expedition travel and my needs have changed. Hate to sell it but can't justify having a 3rd vehicle sitting around. 86 4runner. 5 speed, sunroof, power windows and locks. I built this...
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    Axle-less trailer suspension. This is interesting!

    So I'm attempting to clean off the mess that is my desk and I flip through Summit Catalog and this catches my eye. This may be the answer many of us have been...
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    Why do so many people build BOMBS out of their trailer projects?

    I'm researching for my next build and went through the sticky of builds and was shocked at how many people are putting propane tanks into enclosed areas without proper ventilation. :Wow1: Just a BAD idea on a Darwinian level. Hell there is a build thread where the tank is IN the galley...
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    LARGE waterproof case Atlanta area

    Composite hardshell case. 19x26x31 inches (outside) Has a Bleed valve on it so you can get it open (or the lid wont pop off when unlatched LOL) . It was well over $500 new made to hold a printer and it has a suspension system on the base (small side). Gasket in good shape. Flipped over (big...
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    Aluminum side door boxes

    Located just north of Atlanta GA Bought these for a expedition trailer Idea I had. Went a different direction. I have 3 of these left. 2 are the same size and stackable one is a little wider and a little shorter. Theses were radio cabinets and had amplifiers mounted in them. Both doors have...
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    Jumbo under bed box

    Located just north of Atlanta GA Back when I had my Roadster K5 I had a Underbed Box custom built to keep thieves from getting my gear. The box was ordered so sat flush with the bed rails on my K5 on a set of bushings. The Exterior is 48wide x18tall 24deep. If you have priced these you know...
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    Miami to Alaska by Bicycle

    This is ongoing. Just made it to the Dakota's. Hate it that I missed him when he came though Atlanta a few weeks ago.
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    BFG Outstanding trails program I'm gonna be on TV!

    "Maybe" LOL Beasley Knob OHV is a trail my club has adopted for the Adopt-a-Trail Program. The club has been the main keeper of this OHV for the last 12 years and it is now the only full width OHV in GA. Seems we got noticed...
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    MAN Camper in Alabama

    Not mine just saw it posted on the Atlanta Craigslist. Cool truck but despite what it is the price looks high.
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    Extreme 4x4 building more of a Expo truck

    Today and tomorrow building out of a pathfinder. On right now in easter time zone. This is going to be a truck for their camera crew. it is going to get storage drawers an other stuff that would intrest Expo folks. So Ian are you snooping around here now?
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    Sawzall serenade

    I'm having dirty thoughts about a 80's 4x4 Suburban, a Sawzall, welder, 12v Cummins and spitting something out that looks like a one of these on a suburban platform. There are several under $1000 4x4 subs that are rust free and straight for...
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    4th Annual MUD FOR BLOOD ATLANTA May 12th

    This weekend! The event will be held at Bass Pro Shops at Discover Mills.,675.0.html Updated list of vendors that have donated in link above. This is our 4th Blood drive for Life South. For three years running...
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    I need Westfalia Measurements.

    I have some crazy idea. Find a bombed out Westy and get the camper parts in particular the roof top bed assembly and put it on something else. I don't know anybody with one to measure myself. Looking for overall length and width and length of just the lift section and what year it was on. I...
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    86 4Runner build

    Well I have managed to get a few projects done on my truck. Thought I would start a build thread here since this site most reflects my direction with this truck. This is actually lifted from a build post on my clubs site so you may notice a little Cut and paste flavor. Introduction: The truck...
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    Sand ladder SCORE!

    One of the business in the same complex as the one I work for does industrial grating work. Stuff like raised work platforms in factory's and plants. They dive our dumpster all the time for crates we throw out. So we usually check if they need them now before we toss them. We had 10 or so...
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    Mini Mag LED upgrade.

    Walking through Wally world and came across the flash light area. Got looking to at the LED flash lights to see what they had. They had a bunch of LED Conversion bulb assemblies that caught my eye. The big Mag conversion was nearly $20 but the Mini Mag 3 LED conversion was under $5. So I picked...
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    Making ICE! (home made fridge)

    I sort of walked into a deal on some 24v AC units that were on some cabinets I was interested in. Little boogers are rated 986 BTU so really not powerful enough to cool and sizable space. Well I look up the compressors and it turns out these things will run 12v as well. Its the same brand...
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    86 4Runner, 2lb sledge, 33x12.5's no lift

    NO RUB either! The Uniroyalpeicesofjunks nearly rattled our teeth out last week going to FL. Wasn't really ready to put tires on but came across a sweet deal on a set of 4 95%+ 33x12.5x15 BFG KO's with two spares for $350 after a little haggling. Rodger at 4Crawler claims you can get that size...
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    Thinking about an 80 for the wife, Questions

    The 90's 80's are down around a price I can live with. We have a situation in that we have 4 vehicles. (see sig). So I am considering an 80 to replace 1 or 2 of them. One day it may become my wheeling rig. We have an immaculate 1988 Suburban with 86,000 original miles. If you didn't know the...