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    Jeep Owner Gift Ideas

    Anyone else doing last minute holiday shopping? I thought a thread with jeep-owner gift ideas might be helpful to others. To make this thread useful to the widest spectrum of gift-givers, I would suggest the following parameters: gifts for the jeep owner $200 or less suggestions that are as...
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    $3,400 Spacekap Plus - Craigslist Cape Cod, MA

    Not mine, just noticed it on Craigslist: $3,400 -
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    JK dual swing out rear bumper options?

    Anyone know of a ready-to-order dual swing-out rear bumper option for the JK? I've seen them on wider vehicles: Tacoma's, LR4's, etc. but can't find anything for the JK, perhaps because of its narrower rear profile. I did find this picture through a google search but can't source the product:
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    On the history of automotive-safety, and inside-the-cab modifications

    I listened to a fascinating podcast over the weekend from "99% Invisible," a nerdy and interesting design-podcast. This particular episode is called "The Nut Behind the Wheel" and discusses the history of safety and design in the...
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    Surgo: Mountain Rescue Vehicle Concept

    Looks like it's just the imaginings of a design studio but it's still fun to oogle:
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    Defender Owner Gift Advice

    So I've got a buddy living in London. He's an expat planning to return to the States with his family at the end of 2017. He recently bought a 1993 Defender 110 with 80k that was used by the Staffordshire Emergency Services Humanitarian Aid Association , primarily during the Bosnian conflict...
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    Gorgeous Boat Inspired Teardrop Kit

    While evaluating a boat building project, I stumbled across this monocoque trailer design from Chesapeake Light Craft: It's beautiful. I imagine that it might require some additional reinforcement for the...
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    Efficiently Stacking Slides for Dual Extension Counter Top & Drawers

    I'm working on a trunk storage system for my '97 Jeep XJ and I want to create a dual extension counter top and drawer system, but I'm loath to lose any storage volume by sandwiching extra layers of plywood between each pair of slides. I'm trying to figure out how to stack the slides more...
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    On-Island XJ Build

    I've been reading the ExPo forums for a while but I'm new to working on vehicles. I've gleaned enough from forums and youtube videos to accomplish a few projects and I'm beginning to work on a '97 Jeep XJ, 4.0, 4wd, four door. My wife and I bought it about eight years ago, before we were...