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    EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

    I like this one, including the portal axles The "jack off" type canopy arrangement is not that practical in camping situations, perfect to have a trade ute during the week and put the canopy on for weekends though Legs just are not solid enough in a camping situation unless lowered
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    Gen 2 LS gear ratios, motor and other questions

    Cannot remember the proper text But I think it "axle trans" and should have numbers like 4.63 or 4.88 The numbers are the diff ratio for the vehicle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

    There are other options, like an escape/ weather/ vent hatch in the roof if that concerned Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

    Do you really need a 3rd entrance in such a small camper 2 front doors are available, sure you loose some centre console but security and dust/ weather proofing is better Just depends on living inside or outside is the goal? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Simpson Desert trip

    Diesel in Australia is $ if used to prices in say America and the most expensive part of the trip around $1000 You are required to get a desert pass for travel and camping in South Australia, 12 month pass is around $130 So those are really the compulsory costs Food you have to have- camping...
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    Simpson Desert trip

    Just back from a magical trip to the corners and Simpson desert 3 very different Mitsubishi vehicles undertook this trip and being that the desert just opened we were lucky to be the first across the WAA line and only following 5 vehicles across the French and QAAlines. lovely country out...
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    Are Iveco Replacing Mitsi And Isuzu?

    I will have one as my next expedition vehicle not too big not too small it will be the perfect compromise well that is the thoughts anyway, bigger in space and load carrying than my current dual cab ute. having driven this track, I was impressed, I certainly don't need the weight of the...
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    Battery post connector for multiple wires?

    I don't think these had been mentioned in the thread before? pretty nifty idea and easy for lower amp applications for the winch maybe something like this...
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    Questions for Australian travel

    for vehicle options, you could search "backpacker vehicle" stuff like this exists where people sell up the whole kit to the next backpacker- only linked this...
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    Australia touring rig ML triton GLX-r

    we love the ease of the weber and the stuff cooked from it, always seems to cook nice easy food when on camp- I even take it when on a solo expedition camping in a swag- just add gas for a nice feed- it is big though.... we use a 220 (so high topped with temp gauge) just that bit bigger for...
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    Australia touring rig ML triton GLX-r

    Thanks Guys went through my pics for ones that contained the triton or the camper plenty of "better" destination pics in the blog, happy to answer any questions on destinations in Australia
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    Australia touring rig ML triton GLX-r

    The triton is now 6 years old and has travelled 150,000kms it has carried me and the family to quite a few destinations and adventures always getting us home. here is a link to my blog towing the caravan on Fraser Island QLD...
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    Australia touring rig ML triton GLX-r

    I have had quite a few iterations of suspension, starting out with Bilstein shocks, but the supplied springs were too short and also hard. so eventually upgraded to longer dobinson springs The triton has also had a few iterations of wheels and tyres, I like to experiment my current offroad rims...
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    Australia touring rig ML triton GLX-r

    Hey guys, been lurking around this forum for years, but only recently joined. I have had a few 4x4 vehicles over the years, used for touring so will start wit those and build up to the triton. 80 series cruiser- limited edition winter 1996 4.5 petrol straight six 105 series cruiser...
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    Post your Triton pics

    This is my ML 2008 triton sports a few mods and comes with a 3.2 DID engine and 4 speed auto
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    FG84 Camper Build

    Is that all happening on the Gold Coast? Nice build looking forward to the end result
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    Importing a a landcruiser

    thanks for the info (and website link) :beer:
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    Importing a a landcruiser

    Do you ship parts/ stuff back the other way? Looking at tyres/ rims from USA to Brisbane if that is a service you offer
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    Gen 3 diesel swap

    I sell/ wreck Mitsubishi tritons These have the 3.2 common rail ecu etc I have sold a couple of these to guys (I'm in Australia) and these have been retro fitted into gen2 pajero petrols I sold them complete with the loom all sensors some mechanicals are different, but getting the engine going...
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    Clone of ARB Intensity LED Driving Light/Light Force 250!

    I run the hella led lights, I love both their spread and distance. I'll be the first to admit even with the LEDs projecting back into a lens that the range is not as good as my hella 4000's were even in halogen BUT the spread and instant white light and even the range is adequate out around...