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    WTB: GZ case

    Does anyone have a goal zero boulder 15 padded case they would to sell?
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    Norcold fridge mod

    This fridge is a really an Engel mt45. I could’nt find any of the small hanging baskets to help organize the fridge. I went to a container store with the main basket and just trying to find a solution. I think it turned out great.
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    Hello, I'm getting ready to build cabinets in my truck camper. I am looking at aluminum T-Slot extrusions akin to the 80/80. I have found 1", 1 1/2", 20mm and 30mm sizes and am wondering what other are using for their builds. Thanks in advance!, John
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    WTB Engel Basket

    I am looking to buy 1 or 2 of the small MT 35 / 45 hanging baskets. The older ones that you could fit 2 in the fridge Part # SB35. Thanks for reading! Regards, John
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    Drifta carback kitchen

    Hi, This is new and unused. Has the water basin and water pump. Located in Colorado Springs. $600.00. Thanks for looking! John
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    WTB Snow Peak fire pit

    Greetings, I am looking for a used Large pack & carry fire pit in good condition (not dented or bent). Thanks in advance! Regards, John
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    Hello All, I just got back from checking out an ODIN RTT in Castle Rock, Colorado. The tent is great and well thought out. The owner, Reuben, was fantastic at walking me through the details of his designs. I have no affiliation with this company. I just wanted to get the word out about a great...
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    Water Tank

    I am having difficulty in finding a fresh water for my build. I have look online and unless I missed it, I can't find the need size of 6" tall max x 10"wide max. The length is optional from 36" long - 42" long. If you have any sources for lower height tanks, please let me know. Thank you!, John
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    WTB: Military aluminum medical case

    I am looking for military aluminum medical cases in the small size. I am located in Colorado. Please let me know if you have any you are looking to part with, or have any leads where I can buys these from. The ones I am looking for are about 7" tall. Thanks!!
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    Best offer over $2200.00. I am leaving this up for just 2 weeks as I am traveling over the next few months and won't be around to show it. Torsion bar is broken. I have a new SLO rainfly, support struts, fender brackets and crank handle width fits: 54" - 64" (each side has a 5" wide inward...
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    CL Flippac Slide In I have no connection to the camper.
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    Flip-pac measurement

    Hello, Does anyone have the measurement of the overhang on a flip-pac made for a 5' bed? Regards, John
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    flip-pac measurement

    Greetings, Does anyone happen to have the overhang length for a 5' short bed truck? Thank you in advance. Regards, John