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    Grabber X3 pic request

    Hey all, I'm looking at some Grabber X3's for my GX470. Wondering if any of you are running these and if you could share some photos. I'm sitting on a Dobinsons 2" lift, and I'm leaning towards 265/70/17 as I don't want to do much chopping to make my tires fit. I also dont want the tires to...
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    LR3 plugs - irridium?

    I'm due for new plugs. Have seen a few random misfires on the trail under certain conditions, and I'm at 91k. Do you LR3 vets recommend irridium plugs? Bosch? NGK? Or do you recommend the OEM replacements via Atlantic British or similar vendors? Thanks in advance! Sent from my Pixel 2 using...
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    LR3 Slider options/opinions

    I'm looking to purchase some sliders in the near future. Anyone here running the Tactical Rovers or Proud Rhino sliders? If so, what's your opinion on them, and could you share some photos? It's so hard to tell where these things sit underneath the truck on the Lucky8 site. The images they...
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    LR3/LR4 trip toolkit - what's in yours?

    Just curious what you guys have in your toolkits when you take a trip. Not worried about recovery gear/deflation gear and stuff like that, more like what sockets/wrenches/etc are a must for fixing these trucks? I've had to touch a lot of parts of my truck in the 18 months i've owned it, but...
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    LR3 19" wheels/tires - Nashville, TN

    19" OEM Land Rover LR3 wheels taken off a 2008 HSE trim. PRICE DROP $300 obo These include tires: Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar All Terrain Adventure 255/60/19 Decent tread. These wheels do include TPMS sensors. Pickup only in Nashville/Middle TN. I will drive a bit to meet up if need be.
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    V6 LR3 wheels on V8 LR3

    I'm hearing conflicting reports that a 5 spoke, 18" wheel from a V6 LR3 will not clear the calipers from a V8 LR3. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me? I've been in a search rabbit hole for 30 mins and cannot find a definitive answer. Thanks in advance.
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    LR3 - new K02s

    Finally was able to pull the trigger on some K02's today and finally got a chance to ditch the HSE 19" wheels that came on my truck for the 18" SE wheels that have been sleeping in my garage for 2 years. I got 265/65/18s and they look great. Baja rack is being ordered next week. I am bit...
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    2008 LR3 P0441

    Wife took the truck to get the emissions test done by the state. Shortly thereafter, she got a CEL. I scanned it when i got home, P0441. Any chance the emissions test might have triggered a false evap purge valve issue? It just seems way too coincidental that this would randomly pop up right...