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    Lucky8's Project L322

    I'd be very interested in some l322 gear.
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    Thoughts on winch bumpers for a Discovery 2?

    A bit late to the party - but I am partial to this - have had two of them now(on both discos)... Had an ARB several years ago and she died a terrible death during an angled winching recovery.
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    Interested in your RTT. Do you have plans to head south to virginia or nc by any chance?

    Interested in your RTT. Do you have plans to head south to virginia or nc by any chance?
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    Franken Rover Overlander

    Damn that looks like an awesome project. Wish I could find something like that in this area..
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    Hella 4000 converted to HID with extras

    I will take em if available. PM me please. -Sam
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    Advantages of D2 axle over D1/RRC/Defender?

    There was a lot of interest in the toyota conversion for d2 axles. A few folks on a differnt forum(myself included) signed up for a groupbuy that allowed toy diffs to be used with aftermarket shafts and the rover hubs. -Sam
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    Upgrading to 04 DII should I bother???
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    What shocks are you guys running on your Classics?

    As someone who has used Terrafirma/Bilstein/OME. I would recommend Bilstein and OME not terrafirma. Their springs are fine but go with a shock from elsewhere. -Sam
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    Two (2) non-working Edgestar 43qt fridges for parts

    I have spare compressors if needed.
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    Anatomy of A Land Rover Wheels Event

    Glad to see a dealer getting out and setting up these events. Then again LR Las Vegas has always been one of the best LR dealers out there and has a great fleet of hard to find rovers. Great folks and very helpful. What I would love to do one day is to compare off camber of a stock vs...
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    (FEELER) Discovery 2003-2004 ARB winch compatible Bull Bar (LIKE NEW).

    Get a dixon bate for recovery as well... you can bolt it onto the bumper -Sam
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    (FEELER) Discovery 2003-2004 ARB winch compatible Bull Bar (LIKE NEW).

    The later model ARBs hold up pretty well. Thea ealry versions were terrible and twisted when winching. Speaking from experience as I have had both versions. I did notice that the metal around the winch and the front is a lot thinner than some of the other bumpers out there. If you are...
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    Best piece of kit for your rig........a Beagle!!!!!

    I will offer to help(either in the chain and drive her to you) or monetarily to ensure she gets to a good home. -Sam
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    Regrefully I am selling my Maggiolina Adventure Large RTT

    I'm very interested. Sending you a PM now... -Sam
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    two 50 # gas struts

    Plastic or stainless?
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    Big Superline leftovers

    Alex, Could you do the 20' 1/2 line with eyes on each end? And if so I assume the price would be $70? Thanks Sam
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    Let's talk back country capable daily driver options - used SUV market in 2012

    Discovery 2. I would recommend an 04 vehicle. Tough to find in the 8-10k range but it can be done. You can definitely find 02 and 03s in the range. Just make sure you do some research on which vin numbers to avoid. Adding CDL to trucks that were not equipped with it is a simple job. Gas...